Flat fish find their way on menus across the world. Both the halibut and flounder are targeted by anglers because of their dogged fight when pulled from the seafloor.  Despite each fish calling being a bottom dweller, the flounder and the halibut are distinctly different. Interestingly enough, the two are vastly different. Just what is the difference between a halibut and a flounder?

What Does A Halibut Look Like

One of the critical characteristics of a halibut is its diamond-like shape. The section near the head is broader when compared to the tail. Its diamond appearance is unique when compared to flat fish. 

The coloration of a halibut is highly dependent on its habitat. The upper side is most often colored from brown to black. Halibut can see from one side. The eyes are on the colored or upper side of the fish.

On the side opposite of the eyes is the bottom of the fish. The bottom lies flat on the seafloor as it scavenges for food. Unlike the top, the underside is white.

The halibut is the largest flatfish in the world. Interestingly enough, lengths exceeds eight feet and tops the scales at over 600 pounds which is whey they are called barn doors.

What Does A Flounder Look Like

First, note that a flounder does not grow nearly as large as the halibut. A flounder rarely pushes beyond three feet in length. The size difference between the two species is substantial. 

To identify a flounder, particularly those in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia, you will primarily find the southern flounder. 

The southern flounder, much like the halibut, has a white underside with a dark topside. The color is brown on the top, where the eyes are located, with black circles scattered about the skin. 

Where Do Halibut Live

Unfortunately, the halibut is not a fish in which anglers can target along the east coast of the united states. The Halibut lives in the pacific ocean between California and Alaska. 

Despite the fish not calling the east coast home, fish camps along the west coast are prevalent and allow the opportunity for anglers to not only target halibut but have lodging, meals, and a guide to put you on the fish. 

Where Do Flounder Live

The flounder is found between Florida and Nova Scotia. In the south, anglers catch flounder both inshore and offshore on soft sandy or muddy bottoms. 

Flounder fishing is seasonal. During the cooler months, the flounder are inshore before venturing offshore when the water warms. 

What Does A Halibut Taste Like

The fillets of the barn doors are incredibly fragile; therefore, care must be taken when handling the fish. Fish connoisseurs would define the taste and texture as sweet, mild, and highly flakey. 

Due to the size of the fish, halibut fillets are thick. As a result of the thickness, the meat is versatile. Consider pan-frying, baking, broiling, and even grilling the flaky fish when cooking the flat fish. No matter what you choose, the flavor will be delicious. 

What Does A Flounder Taste Like

Unlike the halibut, the fillets of a flounder are much smaller in thickness, and as a result, the cooking approach must be altered. 

Much like the large barn door, flounder fillets are delicate so handle with care. Due to the cuts being thin, the cooking times will be much shorter. 

As far as taste is concerned, the flounder is sweet, flaky, and mild, similar to a halibut. The best cooking methods include broiling, frying, and baking. Remember to avoid overcooking the fish. The thin fillets will become dry and unappetizing. Check out these flounder recipes

How Can You Purchase Flounder And Halibut

The fish is easily sourced despite the inability to catch the barn doors here in our backyard. One of the best methods for eating fresh halibut is by booking a fishing excursion out west. 

Flights travel from coast to coast daily. As a result, fresh fish ordered online are shipped directly to the front porch within twenty-four hours. Consider using an online fish market for fresh halibut dropped on your front porch. 

When it comes to flounder, head out fishing or visit a local seafood market. 

Now Can You Tell The Difference Between Halibut And Flounder

Consider the flounder to be a mini version of the larger barn door. The taste is comparable; however, the size and thickness are substantially different. Whether you’re fishing for flounder local to you or ordering an overnight delivery, fresh fillets are challenging to pass up. Remember to invite friends and family the next time you are cooking up a fish dinner.