Just because you don’t have a boat doesn’t mean you won’t have access to excellent fishing opportunities. In the coastal waters of South Carolina, Georgia, and North Carolina, public fishing access can be easily found and not just on piers. A small fishing dock in a tidal creek can be all you need to fill up a cooler full of fresh fish or blue crab. Dock fishing is fun and easy for the whole family. How to find fishing docks near even without a boat?

What Are The Advantages Of Dock Fishing

Fishing from a dock has many advantages and, yes, some disadvantages too. Here is a list of the benefits of dock fishing rather than owning a boat.

Cost Savings

Owning a boat is expensive. Fishing docks are a great way to save money. All you need is fishing gear, a state fishing license, bait, and transportation to and from the fishing spot.

Less Hassle

Much like the expenses involved with owning a boat, they also require a lot of time. After each trip in the saltwater, the craft must be thoroughly cleaned. Between cleaning, waxing, and repairs, it all adds consuming a significant amount of time that you can be fishing instead.

Variety Of Fishing Docks Near Me

Living in a coastal area or vacationing in a coastal area will typically offer a significant number of fishing docks within short proximity of each other. Yes, choosing fishing docks will be more limiting than boating to any fishing destination. Look on the internet for fishing docks near me. Visit each on the upcoming days that you want to cast a line. You’ll likely find one that outperforms the rest.

Where Can Public Fishing Docks Be Found

Finding a public fishing dock is simple. The county or state runs many, so sourcing them online is simple. Typing in fishing docks near me should provide you with a full list.

County Or State Parks

The state or county is likely going to have public land that has been created into a waterfront park. Most often, a dock has been constructed for easy fishing access, and if not, walk along the shoreline and find an open area to try your luck.

Boat Launches

Boat launches are prevalent in the coastal region. A boat launch will have docks for launching and retrieving boats, which should be avoided because of traffic from boaters utilizing the ramps. If possible, go at night when boat traffic has slowed.

Keep in mind that many boat launch facilities also have a dock or pier that boaters do not secure the vessel. Boat ramps with a separate fishing/exploring pier or dock are ideal for shore fisherman.


Marinas can be a bit tricky. Most often, public fishing will not be allowed because of the damage which can be caused to marina patron’s boats. However, some marinas will allow, so be sure to check for permission.

Some of the best fishing is found inside of marinas. Fish tend to congregate in these areas, particularly at night when boat traffic is minimal. When the bait moves in, the bigger fish follow along.

What Kind Of Fish Can Be Caught From Fishing Docks Near Me In Coastal Georgia, South Carolina, or North Carolina

Just because you’re fishing from a dock doesn’t mean you can’t catch everything that an angler would inshore on a boat. Dock fishing is just as useful to catch sea trout, otherwise known as speckled trout, redfish, which some call red drum, flounder, sheepshead termed convict fish because of its jail suit coloration, and more. The best choice of bait is shrimp under a popping cork.

Another form of fishing from a dock is crabbing. Catching Blue Crab is a fun hobby for the entire family. During the summer and fall months, these crustaceans are prevalent. They can be harvested with a dip net, handline, or trap.

Fishing Docks Near Me Best Way To Go Fishing Without A Boat

Save yourself the time and money if you can’t commit to using a boat as often as you would like. Dock fishing or surf fishing is just as fun and equally as productive. Every type of inshore gamefish found in the southeastern united states’ coastal waters can be caught on a dock. Just search the internet for fishing docks near me.