Coastal Georgia is a sight to see between the preserved barrier islands, wildlife, and excellent fishing opportunities for experienced and inexperienced anglers. Georgia boasts 110 miles of coastline, which is available to explore. Locals and visitors must take advantage of the fishing and particularly fishing piers. To catch saltwater fish, use these 5 steps for finding a fishing pier near me in Georgia. 

Why Should You Fish On A Fishing Pier In Georgia

Consider a pier to be an elevated dock. The high pier rises above the breaking Atlantic Ocean, teeming with marine life. Here are the reasons you should go fishing on a pier in Georgia. 

Great Opportunity For All Experience Levels

Don’t worry about being stuck on a boat during a charter for hours on end. A pier allows you to stay for as little or as long as you prefer. 

The lack of restriction is ideal for young anglers to have the opportunity to drop a line and pack it up and head home when they become bored in short order. 

On the flip side, well-seasoned anglers stay for days and nights while avoiding paying additional money. 

Amenities Available

Believe it or not, piers come with amenities to make your fishing trip more enjoyable. More times than not a restaurant sits at the foot of the pier or within walking distance for an excellent view of the open ocean. 

In addition to dining, most piers are constructed with roofs for shade, fillet tables, benches for seating, nets for hauling fish from the water to the platform you stand, and rod and reel rentals. 

Money Saver

Unlike piers in other states, a fishing license is required when casting from a pier in Georgia. All anglers 16 years and up must buy a license to avoid being ticketed by law enforcement.

Despite the cost to purchase a license, piers are low in price or free. When comparing fishing from piers to a charter or boat ownership it comes at a fraction of the fee. Additionally, you will not be required to perform maintenance which costs time and money with a personal vessel. 

What Can You Catch When Fishing On A Georgia Fishing Pier Near Me

Anglers have the opportunity to catch a wide range of fish species from piers in Georgia. The fish include mackerel, flounder, redfish, sea trout, stingrays, shark, black drum, sheepshead, etc. 

What Should You Bring When Fishing From A Pier In Georgia

 Pack up all of the necessary gear when heading to a pier. Preparing in advance will make your day more comfortable and successful. 

Food And Drinks

Despite a snack bar being positioned on the pier, pack food and drinks to prevent leaving to find food. However, most piers are surrounded by seaside restaurants. 

A Fishing Cart

Bring along a fishing or beach cart to transport your rods, reels, bait, food, and drinks from the parking lot to the pier to make your life easier. A cart will lessen the load of items needing to be carried. 

Sunscreen And Sun Protective Clothing

The sun’s rays are powerful in Georgia, and your skin must remain protected. Wear long sleeve shirts, a hat, sunglasses, and pack extra sunscreen to reapply during the day. 

Fishing Bait

When it comes to bait, some of the most notable selections include live finger mullet, cut bait, live or dead shrimp, squid, and other options. Pack enough bait to avoid running out during the day. 

What Are The 5 Steps For Finding A Fishing Pier Near Me In Georgia

Step 1. 

Sit down in the comfort of your home, hotel room, or vacation rental and break out the phone, tablet, or computer. 

Step 2. 

If you would like to fish in the area, search fishing pier near me. A list of piers in your vicinity will pull up on the screen. You will only find one to choose from directly on the ocean in most cases. 

Step 3. 

Read the operating hours of the Georgia pier to determine if it is available to be used when you are free. Most piers are open 24/7

Step 4. 

Read the pier techniques in your vicinity what type of fish bite during the season you are currently fishing.

Step 5. 

Buy a fishing license online before heading to the pier to ensure you are compliant with Georgia law. 

Use These 5 Steps For Finding a Fishing Pier Near Me In Georgia

You are now ready after following these five steps to cast a line from a pier near me in Georgia. One of the most notable in the state is the Tybee Island pier, free to anglers. Keep in mind the wooden structure does not offer rod rentals or bait. Bring along all of the necessary gear when pier fishing in Georgia.