A design that was considered unfathomable in the mid-1990s changed how yachts were constructed thanks to the innovation of Jim Moran and JM Family Enterprises. The signature of Gallant Lady is three two-story windows. Believe it or not, Gallant Lady is not one but many yachts owned and operated by the private South Florida corporation. Here is everything you need to know about Gallant Lady Yacht. 

Who Owns The Gallant Lady Yacht

When asked who owns Gallant Lady Yacht know that you are referring to more than one vessel sharing the same name. The late Mr. Jim Moran, a businessman from Chicago, established JM Family Enterprises in Deerfield Beach. Since Mr. Moran’s passing, the Gallant Lady yacht owner 2021 is JM Family Enterprises.

JM Family Enterprises is a distributor of Toyota vehicles throughout the Southeastern portions of the United States. Since its inception, the company has been wildly successful and has owned a substantial number of yachts since 1968. 

Today, the company employs over 4,000 people and boasts a marine and aviation department. The marine and aviation departments focus specifically on the maintenance, operation, and hosting of guests aboard the series of yachts and jets. 

Despite Jim Moran founding the company and being known as Jim Moran yacht owner, he also began a series of charitable organizations within the South Florida community.

How Many Vessels Are In The Gallant Lady Fleet

The number of yachts under the JM Family umbrella varies based on the year, as they are notorious for buying and selling vessels. 

On average, the company owns between three and five vessels exceeding thirty feet in length. When it comes the length the largest yacht in the fleet measures 172 feet. The yacht complete construction in 1996 by Feadship.

In addition to the large vessel, two to three tenders are an intricate part of the fleet. All vessels are name Gallant Lady.

How Much Is The Gallant Lady Yacht Worth

The yachts vary in value ranging from the hundred thousand dollar mark in access of thirty million dollars. 

Today, the two most valuable yachts under the company ownership are a 168 foot Feadship constructed in 2007 and a 172 foot Feadship constructed in 1996. Despite the similarities in appearance on the outside, the interiors and materials used in construction are vastly different. 

The 172 and 168-foot Feadships are constructed with steel hulls; however, the structure forming the upper decks is built opposite as far as materials are concerned.  A key difference between the vessels is the formation of the super structure. One utilizes steel while the other aluminum.

In addition to the vast difference in weight when comparing steel versus aluminum, additional efforts were made to reduce the draft. 

Again, when comparing the two yachts despite the nearly identical appearance. Lightweight materials makeup the yachts interior to allow the vessel to enter more shallow waters.  

Can You Charter The Gallant Lady

The Gallant Lady yachts are not available for charter. In the yachting industry, the vast majority of are available for charter to help cover annual operating costs between fuel, maintenance, crew, and other expenses. 

Charters operate significantly different than privately owned vessels. Despite Gallant Lady being operated by a corporation. The people chartering the watercraft are the decision-makers for destinations, food, and entertainment. Essentially, depending on how much the guest will spend, the more extravagant the journey is. 

Guests of the vessels are by invitation only and include business partners, company associates, and donors to charitable organizations operated by JM Family Enterprises. Unlike charters, the guests are flown to where the boat is docked or anchored and guided as to daily experiences while aboard. However, this does not mean that invitees lack the novelties of the most exclusive charters. 

The Feadships accommodate up to ten guests with more than 11 crew members per yacht. Guest cabin space includes four staterooms and one main suite on each of the two Gallant Lady yachts. 

What Is The Gallant Lady Yacht Location

South Florida between Deerfield Beach and Ft. Lauderdale, Florida are home to Gallant Lady yachts. 

As you can imagine, vessels measuring more than 150 feet require deep water marinas with ample dockage space. One of the largest marinas is Bahia Mar, which provides dockage space when the vessels are not traveling. 

When the Gallant Lady boats are traveling they stop in destinations including the Bahamas, Caribbean, Jacksonville, Charleston, and the Northeast.

The smaller Gallant Lady yachts are docked at varying South Florida marinas. When traveling, one to two vessels support the yacht by taking guests fishing on the Viking Gallant Lady fishing boat, cruising, to restaurants, snorkeling, and sightseeing. 

Considering the number of boats in the fleet, the crew is substantial in size. Watercraft require significant maintenance; therefore, the crew constantly shifts to ensure all vessels are in tip-top shape. 

Gallant Lady Yachts Are Premier Yachts Under The Umbrella Of A Superb Company

JM Family is notorious for signature yachts thanks to Jim Moran yacht owner. The yachts include black-tinted two story windows against bright white paintwork. The company is top notch when it comes to the way it treats its associates including those who host guests in the marine department. The next time you’re gazing from the beach in Georgia, South Carolina, and North you may see the vessels passing by.