As boaters, we all know the importance of finding a marina dock that is conveniently located and delivers quality gasoline and diesel fuel. While we never want to break out our wallets to fork out hundreds if not thousands of dollars, it is all a part of boat ownership. Charleston is known as one of the best boating cities in the southeast. Choose the best fuel dock near me in Charleston, South Carolina.

Why Do Boaters Fill Up Boats With Gas From Marina Gas Stations

Boat owners fill their gas and fuel tanks from marinas for a multitude of reasons. Marina patrons who store a vessel in a slip have no choice but to haul the boat out of the water or refill at a marina fuel dock.

In addition to convenience, transient boaters traveling up and down the east coast require taking on fuel to complete the journey. As a result, during the delivery, marina and fuel gas docks are utilized.

Why Is A Fuel Dock Near More Expensive Than A Gas Station

The most straightforward reason that filling a boat at a fuel dock is more expensive is convenience. Boats depart the slip, drive hundreds of feet, and add gasoline or fuel without removing the vessel from the water. 

In addition to convenience, many marinas are in a remote location, thus increasing delivery cost; therefore, prices are higher at the pump. Lastly, the quality of gasoline is superior. Nearly all marinas offer ethanol-free or reduced ethanol gas because of the harm it causes to outboard engines. 

What Are Some Highly Rated Fuel Dock In Charleston, SC

Avoid marinas that have a dock in disrepair and a reputation for delivering low-quality gas and fuel. Visiting these fuel docks results in a poorly running engine from bad fuel and the risk of damaging the vessel’s side.

Charleston Harbor Marina

Charleston Harbor Marina is situated outside Charleston’s downtown peninsula in Mount Pleasant but offers the most accessible dock.

For transients, the Charleston Harbor Marina fuel dock is by far the most convenient. In addition to convenience, a sea wall surrounds the marina to avoid the vessel from being tossed about as fuel and gas are added.

The marina offers four pumps, two diesel, and two non-ethanol gasoline pumps; therefore, you will be filled up and on your way in no time. 

Safe Harbor Charleston City Marina

Smack dab in the center of downtown Charleston is Safe Harbor Charleston City Marina. Here, vessels both big and small call the marina home in addition to transient yachts. 

The marina has a well-equipped fuel dock to get you out quickly for enjoying a day on the water. Whether you require gas or diesel, City Marina offers both in addition to high-speed pumps.

One drawback to City Marina is the boat traffic in the area and lines at the fuel dock. Secure the boat well to avoid being tossed about from boat wakes and be prepared to wait for an opening on weekends and holidays. 

Ripley Light Marina 

For a smaller and more personal feel, drive across the Ashley River from Charlestons peninsula. Near the foot of the Robert C. Scarborough bridge in West Ashley is Ripley Light Marina.

The marina features a fuel dock constructed in 2019; therefore, it is in tip-top condition. In addition to quality, the marina is tucked away from the busy Ashley River to make for easier conditions docking and avoiding damage while taking on gas or fuel.

So Visit A Fuel Dock Near Me In Charleston, South Carolina

Whether you are local to Charleston or renting dockage space on vacation, check out any of those top three fuel docks near me in Charleston, South Carolina. Boating through the low country is a fantastic experience because of the wildlife, skyline views, and historical landmarks. The next time you need gas or fuel, fill up at a fuel dock near me.