Have you been thinking of staying on Fripp Island for a vacation? 

Our family of four recently took a trip to Fripp Island, and we found some really great things about the island, plus a few things you should be aware of before you head over there. We won’t make you wait until the end of this to find out whether or not Fripp island is worth it. Overall we found it to be well worth it. 

Here is everything you need to know about your next trip to Fripp Island. 

Why We Chose Fripp Island? 

Access to both a beach and the pool is an ideal vacation for us. When these types of vacations can be found at a fair price, things get even better. As a family of four with two kids (7 & 4), it made sense to look for a family-friendly place within driving distance of our home. 

When searching for Hilton Head, Charleston, and surrounding areas, we came across Fripp and decided to give it a try. Truthfully, we hoped for beaches that were not crowded and a clean condo or home to stay in. This is exactly what we found.

VRBO Fripp Island vs. Fripp Island Resort

When you are looking for vacation rentals on Fripp island, you can choose between using the Fripp Island resort or going through a private homeowner with a VRBO. For our first stay, we decided to go directly through the resort. 

However, we can tell you that we already have another trip booked on Fripp for the fall, and we went with VRBO. So far, both experiences have been about equal. The VRBO may be a tad bit cheaper than the Fripp Island Resort. 

However, there is one major thing you have to watch out for, and that is the Guest Cards. All of the amenities at Fripp are goign to require you to use a Guest Card to sign in. The guest cards came with our rental when we booked through the resort. 

For many of the VRBO, you will have to buy the Fripp Island guest card separately. The pricing is fair, and you won’t need to purchase them for kids. 

VRBO Fripp IslandFripp Island Resort
Access To AmenitiesWill Need Guest CardsGuest Cards Mostly Included
CancellationVaries per UnitMust Buy Trip Insurance 
Golf Cart IncludedVery Few OptionsMany Options To Choose From
Number of Properties AvailableOver 100 depending on the time of the yearOver 100 depending on the time of the year 

Fripp Island Beach 

The Fripp Island Beaches really sold us in this area. We took our trip in May, the weather was warm, and at times we were the only people on the beach. It helps that there are three miles of private beaches on Fripp island. 

Depending on where your vacation rental is, you can walk or take a golf cart to any of the beach access points. If you want to avoid the crowds, stay away from the center of the island. The further we got towards the end of the island, the fewer people we saw. 

The kids were able to play in the surf, and there were plenty of tide pools during low tide. Overall the Fripp Island Beach has us wanting to get back as soon as we can. 

Keep in mind that many of the vacation rentals will come with beach toys, chairs, and more. Ours was a newer rental and not all that well equipped; however, for our next stay, there is lots of beach gear to use and will make our packing just a bit lighter. 

Golf Cart Rental Fripp Island 

If your rental does not come with a golf cart, you can easily get one. The golf cart rental facility is located down at the Fripp Island Marina. The service is excellent, and overall the process is straightforward. 

Of course, the one downside here is that these are gas golf carts. Gas golf carts tend to have a slightly rougher ride, and they won’t be nearly as quiet if you are trying to have a conversation. However, when traveling with a 7 and 4 year old, we really didn’t expect to have very many conversations anyway! 

We wouldn’t stay on Fripp without the golf cart; it seems like a big part of this place is a trip where you can park the car and never have to pull it out again. 

Fripp Island Resort Cards

The resort cards at Fripp are a must. If you don’t have these cards, you will not be able to enjoy the amenities that the island has to offer. If your rental does not come with resort cards, you can purchase them for your time there. Depending on the time of year, expect to pay around $35-$50 per person. You will get your money’s worth. 

Fripp Island Deer and Wildlife

If you are traveling with some nature lovers they are not goign to be dissapointed with all that Fripp has to offer. The island has a ton of wildlife to observe. The deer are everywhere and are not scared of people or golf carts. 

There is a huge alligator (and other small ones) that will come out to sun themselves at times. In addition, you can see a raccoon in the marsh at night, dolphins along the beach, and plenty of birds as well. 

There is a nature center on Fripp Island that does a daily talk about the different types of animals that they have living in the center. The talk is educational, the staff is friendly, and it’s a quick free thing to do to break up a full day on the beach. 

Golf On Fripp Island

The golf on Fripp island looks great; although we are golfers, we didn’t play on this trip. The courses did not seem all that busy, and the course conditions looked good from what we could see. Overall we will say the golf seems a bit more casual than some other island courses. 

In general, Fripp is fairly casual. You can tell this is more of a middle of the road beach spot, not quite like Kiawah and much less crowded than something like Hilton Head. 

Dining On Fripp Island

Check the dining schedule before you make your reservations. Depending on the time of year you are going, the dining schedule for dinner could be somewhat limited. We ate at Bonita Boathouse twice, and we loved it. 

Try to sit upstairs if you can; the views are great, and the staff is incredibly friendly. There are plenty of spots around the island to grab a lunch, and remember you will be staying in a house with a kitchen so that you can bring some quick dinner options as well. Our VRBO even had a grill that we could use. 

Make sure you stop at the stores before you head over to the island; there are no real grocery stores on Fripp. The convenience store down at the marina was good for a comb we forgot, but we certainly wouldn’t do our full shopping for our trip here. 

Is Fripp Island Worth It? 

Fripp Island is a great vacation; however, we went during the month of May.

The size of the crowds, the conditions of our rental, and the access to the beach made this an excellent vacation for us.

If you were to go during the middle of the summer, we could see this resort getting a little crowded. You would most likely notice the crowds around the pool as the beach seems to have plenty of room to spread guests out. Overall you will find that this s a fun place and one that we will certainly be returning to year after year.