The coastal waters of the southeast are home to the eastern oyster. Eastern oyster bivalves are harvested commercially and recreationally in the inland waters of Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina. One of the most popular methods of cooking oysters is by breading and deep-frying. While local oysters are not necessary, freshly harvested bivalves enhance flavoring. Here is what you need to know about fried oysters.  

Is Fried Oysters Good

Many people ask the question are fried oysters good? Yes, fried oysters are excellent. The taste and texture is a mixed combination that stimulates the taste buds. 

An oyster that has been fried combines a crunchy outer coating with a chewy center. Regarding taste, expect a salty finish combined with the flavor of the seasoning added to the breadcrumb batter. Season the breadcrumbs to your liking. 

Can You Fry Oysters That Have Been Frozen

Frozen oysters are capable of being fried after they have thawed. Obtaining fresh oysters inland of coastal regions is challenging. Previously frozen or pre-shucked oysters are likely the only option compared to live in the shell bivalves. 

The most flavorful options are utilizing fresh live oysters. When possible, purchase or harvest oysters and shuck moments before breading and frying. 

Do You Rinse Oysters Before Frying

To answer the question do you rinse oysters before frying? Yes, rinse oysters before breading and frying. The failure to rinse a shucked oyster puts the diner at risk of biting into a shell or other small particles. You and your guests will not enjoy chomping down on hard objects. 

However, in addition to knowing the answer to do you rinse oysters before frying it is essential to pat the oysters dry before cooking. Excess water results in the hot oil popping and possiblyy causing burns.

What Are Oysters Coated In Before Frying

The two most popular coatings an oyster is dipped before frying are panko and cornmeal. Either of the two provides a crunchy outside to balance the tender oyster meat contained in the center. Chose the taste which suits you best, and remember to entirely dip the oyster before dropping it in the hot oil pan. 

How Long Should You Cook Fried Oysters

Avoid overcooking the delicate meat when placing the coated oyster in a pan filled with oil or deep fryer. Overcooking causes the oyster to become overly crunchy on the outside and chewy in the middle. 

The process of how to fry fresh oysters vs how to fry pre shucked oysters is the same. Follow the same cooking directions. However, frozen fried oysters must be thawed before breading and cooking.

When it comes to how long do you fry oysters? Expect each oyster to cook for two minutes. The coloration on the outside should be golden brown. Remove the oysters from the pan or deep fryer and place them on a paper towel to remove access grease. 

Remember how long to fry oysters to avoid overcooking them and creating a rubbery texture.

How Much Fried Oysters Do You Need Per Person 

When planning the number of oysters required when serving a group of people, plan on six oysters per person.

When the oysters are small, plan for one to two extra but at a minimum of six per person. Always avoid running short to prevent your guests from leaving hungry. Remember, sides are also served with fried oysters. 

Should You Fry Oysters In The Shell

When frying, always remove oysters from the shell. The shells must never be coated and dropped into a pan or deep fryer filled with oil. 

Purchase pre-shucked oysters or shuck the meat from fresh live oysters before placing it in the batter and frying. 

What Is Good To Serve With Fried Oysters

The options are endless when choosing fried oyster dipping sauces and sides to pair with the meal. When preparing the meal it comes down to more than just how to fry oysters. Consider these options the next time you prepare grille shrimp tacos. 

Fried Oyster Dipping Sauces

Dipping sauces are a necessity when it comes to serving fried oysters. Consider serving one or a multitude of options for you and your guests. 

When it comes to dipping sauce for fried oysters one option when frying oysters is tossing them in hot sauce. When serving hot sauce-coated oysters, serve blue cheese or ranch dressing as the sauce for dipping.  

The second option is a remoulade sauce. A remoulade sauce is a spicy combination of mayonnaise, mustard, hot sauce, and horseradish. The combination of the two is delicious. Check out this remoulade sauce recipe

Finally, the most simple but often the favorite is tartar sauce. Tartar sauce is a combination of mayo, relish, and lemon juice. Serving tarter will bring people back for more. 

Fried Oyster Sides

Fried oysters pair well with many sides. Consider these sides, which pair well with the meal. 

One of the most simple sides to prepare are french fries, onion rings, or sweet potato fries. There is no need to dirty another pan when any of these three options can be dropped and cooked into the already hot oil pan. 

A second more healthy option is steamed broccoli—steam broccoli in a steaming pot and top with oil and your favorite seasonings. 

The last great pairing is baked potatoes. Cook the potatoes in the oven and serve with chives, sour cream, and butter. 

Are You Ready To Cook Fried Oysters

Whenever possible, purchase live oysters in the shell locally or catch oysters from the coastal regions of North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia.  The freshness is unmatched compared to pre-shucked oysters. Make sure to pair the meal with sides and sauces for a fun and delicious experience for all. Fried oysters will become a household favorite and the process of how to deep fry oysters is easy.