One of the freshest and healthy seafood meals is fresh fish poke. The dish is commonly found on restaurant menus but can be prepared in the comforts of your kitchen. When it comes to ingredients, the list is minimal. To source the fish, it is purchased at local seafood markets, grocery stores, or caught in offshore water of Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina. Here is what you need to know about fresh fish poke. 

Where Did Poke Originate From

Poke is a mixture of American and Japanese cuisines. The seafood bowl mixture originated in Hawaii but is now a staple across the United States and worldwide. 

Once poke was specific to Japanese restaurant menus. Today, the bowl is widely served in restaurants of mixed cuisine types. 

What Kind Of Fish Makes Poke

The type of fish used to make poke is tuna. There are multiple varieties of tuna found along the east coast of the United States.

Ahi tuna is the primary ingredient in the bowl. An ahi tuna is the flesh of a yellowfin tuna. However, the bowl does not explicitly require yellowfin. Tuna substitutes include bluefin, blackfin, albacore, and bigeye. 

Is Poke Just Raw Fish

While the healthy seafood bowl is primarily composed of raw fish, other ingredients are included in the mixture. 

In addition to tuna, the ingredients include sesame seeds, green onions, red pepper flakes, sesame oil, rice vinegar, and soy sauce. When the ingredients are combined, the taste is fresh and flavourful. Check out this amazing fresh fish poke recipe

How Long Is Poke Safe To Eat

When preparing poke at home, store the dish in the refrigerator before eating. Equally as important is refrigerating leftover poke after ordering from a restaurant. 

When properly packaged and stored, fish poke lasts up to two days. Whether preparing the meal ahead of time or boxing leftovers, place the combination of ingredients in an air-tight container. 

Raw fish, unlike beef, chicken, or pork, has a limited shelf life. Raw fish spoils at a more rapid rate. Tuna, which has turned bad, is slippery, smelly, and discolored. Dispose of all fillets that have turned to avoid becoming sick with food poisoning. 

How Do You Get Tuna For Poke

While a local grocery store or seafood market is the most convenient for purchasing fish when making poke, the freshest method is by catching.


Tuna fishing off the coast of Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina is excellent for catching blackfin tuna and yellowfin tuna. Tunas are located in the warm gulf stream waters. 

Anglers targeting tuna for fresh fish poke troll feathered lures behind the boat between five and eight knots of speed. 

Once a tuna is caught, immediately place the fish in ice to preserve the quality of the flesh when preparing poke. 

Seafood Department

Visit a local fish market or grocery store. Never hesitate to ask the clerk when the tuna was received. Asking the question ensures the fish is fresh. 

An intelligent decision is to call ahead of time to confirm that ahi tuna is in stock. Knowing ahead of time will prevent you from making a trip unnecessarily. When the store does not have or carry tuna, most markets will place an order upon request.

Now You Know About Fresh Fish Poke 

When it comes to a fresh seafood meal, fresh fish poke tops the list. We have had the opportunity to eat poke from freshly caught tuna, and the flavor is unmatched. Run offshore and drag fishing lines for tunas or hop in the car and visit the local seafood supplier. For those with a busy schedule, the meal is prepared in minutes. The next time you are up for a seafood dinner prepare or order fresh fish poke.