Boat trailers are lengthy, making them challenging to store when not in use. The section forward of the winch is particularly cumbersome because one square tube travels an extensive distance. Space is saved by folding trailer tongues and is particularly helpful when using garage space for boat storage. 

What Is A Folding Tongue

A folding tongue boat trailer is useful when storing a vessel in a confined space. The collapsable tongue aims to allow a trailer and boat to fit in an area with minimal capacity. Additionally, the folding trailer foot can still remain in place behind the folding trailer tongue to lift or lower the coupling on or off the tow vehicle.

A folding boat trailer, otherwise known as a swing-away tongue, is collapsable due to removing a locking pin.

The forward bar and tongue swing sideways when the locking pin is removed. The sideways motion allows ample space from forward of the boat winch from interfering from the garage closing. A trailer swing away tongue is extremely beneficial to protect your investment by storing the watercraft in the garage vs outside.

Why Would You Add A Folding Boat Trailer Tongue

Boat owners add a folding tongue to allow a boat and trailer to fit in a confined space. A watercraft and trailer stored inside require less maintenance and are not subject to the elements.

A folding boat trailer tongue reaches lengths of four feet. Four feet is considerable when stowing a watercraft. 

Another reason boaters add a folding tongue is to create a clear pathway in the area the boat is kept. Rather than climbing over the trailer, the tongue collapses, making a clear walkway from one side of the vessel to the other. 

Trips and falls occur when hurdling a boat trailer, resulting in injury. To avoid the nuisance of climbing and to prevent injuries, install a folding boat trailer tongue. 

How Do You Fold A Trailer Tongue

The process of folding a trailer tongue is straightforward. Before folding the tongue, take a mental note of the coupling connecting the back portion of the trailer frame to the tongue. 

A swing away boat trailer tongue contains a hinge on one side and a pin and slot on the opposite side. To fold the trailer tongue, remove the R clip beneath the slot holding the pin. Pull the pin tethered to the trailer up and out of the slot below. The tongue is now free to swing. Move the tongue towards the mainframe of the trailer. 

When utilizing the trailer for towing purposes, move the tongue back to the extended position. Slide the pin into the slot preventing the hinge from rotating open. Return the R clip to the bottom of the pin. Visually inspect to ensure the process has been completed correctly. 

Considering the foldaway is equipped with a hinge, we recommend regular maintenance to the components. The maintenance includes spraying the connecting point when exposed to saltwater to prevent corrosion. In addition to rinsing, apply lubrication to the hinge, pin, and R clip. Lubrication will allow the movable components to move freely without force when opening and securing the tongue. 

How Long Should A Boat Trailer Tongue Be

Then it comes to trailer tongue length five to six feet is recommended. A five to six-foot length from the Y in the trailer beneath the vessel’s bow is essential when the vehicle is in tow. 

Not only does an extended tongue reduce weight on the hitch but is also essential for increased maneuverability. Consider backing or turning a trailer in tow and a sharp angle. When the trailer tongue length is minimal, it becomes more challenging to control and risk contacting the tow vehicle. 

When a trailer becomes jackknifed, it causes damage to both the tow vehicle in addition to the trailer and possibly the boat. 

During the process of installing a folding boat trailer tongue never reduce the overall length of the trailer. Instead, measure the collapsable tongue and remove an equal or less fixed trailer tubing and replace it with a folding trailer tongue.

How Do You Cut A Boat Trailer Tongue

When installing a swing tongue trailer, the most effective tools for cutting the tubing are angle grinders fitted with a cut-off wheel in addition to reciprocating saws. 

Be cautious of sharp metal fragments once the existing tube is cut free. Utilize a file on the tubing edges to ensure the folding trailer tongue slides easily onto the frame. 

Add A Folding Boat Trailer Tongue To Save Space

If you’re tired of the balancing act of moving around the trailer in a garage or can’t fit the boat inside a storage space, add a collapsible tongue. The foldaway hitch is utilized by fresh and saltwater boaters through Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina. The amount of space folding boat trailer tongues save is substantial. Lastly, a boat trailer with folding tongue adds value when sold because of the convenience it offers.