Between the 187 miles of coast, rivers, and lakes through South Carolina, anglers are offered exceptional fishing opportunities between salt and freshwater. Both residents and visitors have a wide selection of fish species because of the species which live in offshore waters, inshore waters, and northern lakes and rivers compared to southern lakes and rivers. Here are the best river, lake, and coastal fishing trips near me in South Carolina. 

What Is Required To Legally Fish In The State Of South Carolina

Following the regulations of the state of South Carolina is a necessity when fishing to avoid legal trouble and fines. 

Before venturing on a boat, dock, pier, or shoreline, purchase a fishing license for anglers 16 years and older. South Carolina fishing licenses are available online and at retail stores across the state. However, remember to select the correct permit. When fishing in saltwater purchase a saltwater license, and when fishing in freshwater purchase a freshwater fishing license. 

In addition to buying a license, follow the states’ harvesting regulations, including size, seasons, bag limits, and more. Never keep fish that do not fall within the acceptable criteria. 

Best Coastal Fishing Trips Near Me: South Carolina

We have had the opportunity to fish Charleston on numerous occasions and have found success fishing the inshore and offshore waters. Here is a breakdown of fishing the inshore and offshore water of Charleston, South Carolina. 


One of the similarities between inshore and offshore fishing in Charleston is the abundance of charter boats. If you do not personally own a watercraft, you will have no trouble hiring a professional guide service. 

The Charleston peninsula welcomes the entrance to three rivers. The three rivers include Cooper, Wando, and Ashley. The number of rivers provides anglers with options for locating inshore fish.

The most highly sought-after inshore species include the redfish, sea trout, black drum, flounder, and sheepshead. Don’t be surprised to reel up a blue crab or two during a day of fishing. 

When choosing a bait, we highly recommend live shrimp, which is purchased from local bait and tackle shops in addition to marinas. 

Offshore Bluewater Trolling

The offshore waters off of Charleston are home to tuna, wahoo, dolphin, mackerel, cobia, sailfish, marlin, and more. 

When considering an offshore trip, keep in mind that the runs times are long. Deepwater is well off the coast of the state. We recommend hiring a charter versus using a personally owned vessel unless it is a minimum of 25 feet and length with twin engines. 

One of the most highly regarded charters out of Charleston is DayMaker Charters. We recommend calling well in advance as they become booked in advance. 

Best River Fishing Trips Near Me: South Carolina

When choosing the best fishing trips near me in South Carolina on a river, we recommend the Saluda River. 

The 200-mile long river flows from Greenville, South Carolina, south to Lake Murray. Anglers have the opportunity to catch an abundance of fish which include largemouth bass, rainbow trout, brown trout, perch, sunfish, catfish, and more. 

When searching for trout focus your attention on the upper portions where the water temperatures remain cooler. The lower Saluda is best known for bass fishing. 

Best Lake Fishing Trips Near Me: South Carolina

The best lake for planning a fishing trips near me is Lake Hartwell which shares its waters with Georgia. 

The man made lake offers excellent opportunities to catch fish when casting from the shore or by boat. 

With over 960 miles of shoreline, anglers have the opportunity to spread out and cover ample ground without interruption.

Shore casters and boaters focus their attention on catfish, smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, striped bass, crappie, bluegill, and even walleye. Walleye are considered the best tasting freshwater fishing across the United States. We have eaten many walleye and can attest to the fact that the sweet mild fillets are unmatched. 

Either a Georgia or South Carolina fishing will suffice to remain compliant when fishing Lake Hartwell. 

Fishing Trips Near Me South Carolina: Take Your Pick

When planning fishing trips near me in South Carolina you have a wide range of options between the lakes, rivers, and coastal waters. Pick and choose the type of fish that you are most interested in catching and select a destination where that particular species resides. We recommend Charleston when seeking inshore or offshore saltwater species, the Saluda River for trout and bass, and lastly Lake Hartwell for a multitude of fish but most importantly the walleye.