Fishing in Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina is both a favorite hobby and sport to residents and tourists. The three states offer a substantial amount of river, lake, creek, offshore, and coastal waters to catch various salt and freshwater species. While the southeastern winters are mild, cold weather rushes in. Don’t let cold and wet winter days keep you on the couch. Here is what you need to know about fishing bibs. 

What Is A Fishing Bib

A fishing bib is comparable to overalls. Bibs are also called foul weather gear. The purpose of a bib or foul weather gear is to keep anglers both dry and warm. 

Bibs extend from above the feet to the center of the chest. Straps connect from the back and buckle in the front. 

Foul weather gear is composed of PVC-coated polyester or canvas or straight nylon. The coating prevents water from seeping through. Clothes are worn underneath the bibs to ad layers of warmth. 

Anglers utilize bibs for a multitude of reasons. The primary purpose is to keep anglers dry. Secondly, they are highly effective at cutting wind and adding a layer of insulation, thus eliminating the risk of feeling cold. Lastly, foul weather gear is worn even when temperatures soar to prevent fishers from becoming bloody when handling fish. 

Are Bibs The Same As Waders

Bibs and waders are not the same. Anglers will become unpleasantly surprised when entering the water with foul weather gear. You will quickly realize that the clothes worn beneath will become soaked in short order. 

A fishing wader contains boots. Waders cover anglers’ bodies from the tips of the toes to the center of the chest compared to bibs starting above the feet. Waders allow anglers to venture into cold water streams or other bodies of water while remaining one hundred percent dry. 

Why Are Fishing Bibs Important

Who Can Wear Fishing Bibs

Foul weather gear is worn by both male and female anglers of all ages. The outerwear comes in various sizes and colors but suits the exact purpose of keeping you dry and warm. 

What Do Fishing Bibs Cost

Foul weather gear varies in price depending on the quality of the material. The option exists to pair a jacket in combination with the bibs. Jackets are composed of the same materials as the pants and are necessary when the rain is falling. 

Prices are highly variable. Options are available to purchase bibs independent of a jacket combination. The cost ranges significantly. Fees range between fifty dollars and over six hundred dollars. 

Where Do You Purchase Fishing Bibs

Foul weather gear is available for purchase in many places, both in stores and on the internet. Two of the most notable brick-and-mortar stores include Bass Pro Shop and West Marine.

However, we have taken the leg work out of the process and pre-selected the best bibs on the market through Amazon. Take a look at the adult’s and children’s options below. 

Best Value And Quality Bibs For Adults

The Grudens Clippers are an excellent value, and we can personally attest to the quality. Pick from the color of your choice. 

The second option best suited for adults is the HUK Grand Banks Bib. The polyester material is lightweight and comfortable.

Best Value And Quality Bibs For Children

In regards to kids, we highly recommend the OAKI Kids Waterproof Bibs. We know kids get messy. The OAKI kid’s bibs are machine washable. 

Now You Know The Ins And Outs Of Bibs 

Now that you know the ins and outs of bibs, it is time to step into a pair. Why ruin your day on the water as a result of being soaked and cold. Bibs will extend time on the water despite rough conditions and rainfall. The products are built to last and are well worth the investment.