Fishing access along the coastal regions of Georgia is highly sought after by anglers who are looking to target sportfish and to take home a delicious meal. At the same time, Butterbean Beach features the Rodney J. Hall boat ramp, no need to buy a boat to catch fish. Butterbean Beach offers excellent fishing opportunities from the dock and a live bait shop on sight. Here is what you need to know about fishing at Butterbean Beach Savannah Ga. 

Why Would You Fish At Butterbean Beach In Savannah

When fishing in Savannah, Georgia, locating piers constructed in inland waters is challenging. Butterbean Beach is the solution to inshore fishing from a pier. 

The fishing pier extends from the bank, allowing anglers to cast towards the center of the Skidaway River or back towards the bank. Additionally, Butterbean Beach is a one-stop-shop because anglers can purchase bait in one location from Bandy’s Bait & Tackle

Consider bringing a cast net when fishing at Butterbean Beach to save money. Anglers have the opportunity to throw the next and catch mullet and brown shrimp. 

What Kind Of Bait Is Available At Bandy’s Bait & Tackle At Butterbean Beach

While artificial bait is effective, live bait is just steps from the fishing pier. Bring a live bait bucket with an aerator pump to keep the fishing bait active. 

Bandy’s sells live bait options, including brown shrimp and mud minnows. However, if you are not equipped with an aerator pump, choose from frozen shrimp, mullet, and squid. Bring cash as the bait shop does not take credit cards as a payment method. 

How Do You Get To Butterbean Beach Savannah, Georgia

Butterbean Beach is conveniently located off of Diamond Causeway, about thirty minutes from the heart of downtown Savannah. 

When driving from downtown Savannah take Harry Truman Parkway to exit Ga-204 Spur to the east. Continue on Ga-204 for three miles and turn to the right before crossing over the Skidaway Island Bridge. 

Ample parking is available at Butterbean Beach. The lot is well lit, and access is open twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. 

What Kind Of Fish Do You Catch From Butterbean Beach

Butterbean Beach allows anglers access to a wide range of fish species. The fish in the Skidaway River include bonnethead sharks, sea trout, redfish, flounder, whiting, and more.

In addition to fish, blue crabs are abundant in the water surrounding the boat ramp. Bring along a dip net and chicken necks for bait. Soak the net and bait on the bottom before checking every five minutes. 

What Do You Need To Fish From Butterbean Beach

Fortunately, coastal shore fishing does not require a substantial amount of gear. Here is a list of necessary items.

Fishing Poles

We recommend casting medium-weight spinning rod and reel combinations when targeting inland fish of coastal Georgia. 

Fishing Net

Don’t take the chance of losing the fish dockside by lifting it out of the water by hand. Bring a fishing net to scoop up the catch. 

Popping Corks

A popping cork is highly effective for drawing strikes from a vast range of fish species. Bring a few extra popping corks in the event of a breakoff. 


Circle hooks are the best approach to catching inland coastal fish. Make sure to pack ample size 1/0 circle hooks for fishing Butterbean Beach. 


While popping corks focus on waters closer to the surface, another option is sinking baits to the bed of the Skidaway River. Place an egg sinker above a circle hook and cast to catch bottom dwellers. 


Pliers are must have to remove hooks from fish and assist in cutting lines. Also, pliers help keep you safe when pulling the hook from pesky stingrays.

Measuring Tape 

When you plan to take fish home for dinner, pack a measuring tape to measure your catch. Follow the state’s saltwater fishing regulations. 


Load a cooler up with ice to store the fresh catch. Improperly stored fish will spoil, rendering the fish inedible, particularly during the hot summer months. 

What Does It Cost To Enter Butterbean Beach

When visiting Butterbean Beach, no gates are positioned at the entrance to the parking lot. There is no fee to park or fish at Butterbean Beach/Rodney J. Hall Boat Ramp.

Despite the free fishing destination, the cost associated with a fishing trip includes bait and a fishing license. Purchase a Georgia saltwater fishing license before casting a line. 

Are You Ready To Fish Butterbean Beach Savannah Ga

Whether you are local or visiting from out of town, we recommend fishing at the foot of the Rodney J. Hall Boat Ramp at Butterbean Beach. During the day, the ramp access is congested with boater launching and retrieving vessels. We recommend focusing on the early morning hours, evening, and night. Check out Butterbean Beaches fishing access.