Just outside of Savannah, Georgia in Richmond Hill is Fish Tales Restaurant on the Ogeechee River. Whether you come by car or by boat the restaurant offers food for the entire family in combination with waterfront views from the elevated dining deck. The restaurant is positioned at the Ft. McAllister Marina, which has ample dockage space for visitors from neighboring marinas or waterfront homes. Here are the food and dockage reviews of the Fish Tales Restaurant in Richmond Hill, Georgia. 

Fish Tales Restaurant Dockage

When transiting to Fish Tales by boat, it is made easy by following the Ogeechee River. Here is what to know about the approach and restaurant dockage space.

The Approach To Fish Tales

Fortunately, Fish Tales is surrounded by deep waters to allow for the easy passage of deck boats, center consoles, pontoon boats, and other day boat varieties during dead low tide. 

We traveled in from Neighboring Skidaway Island out of Delegal Creek Marina, which took approximately 40 minutes to arrive when driving at 20 MPH. To give you a better idea of the location, the Delegal Creek Marina is just minutes from Ossabaw Sound. 

We passed through the Little Ogeechee River, Hell Gate, and into the Ogeechee River for the final leg along the route. 

On the route, we seldom saw depths below 10 feet except for the final half-mile from the Ft. McAllister dock. 

We recommend reducing speed when approaching Ft. McAllister and monitoring the depth to prevent running into danger. Additionally, the shore in this area is lined with boat docks that would appreciate that you are not throwing a wake. 

The Fish Tales Dock

On our trip to Fish Tales, we arrived at 11 AM on a Sunday morning and were pleasantly surprised by the dock space available. 

The docks are constructed as fingers extending from a central pier with a ramp to climb up and down. Fortunately, you won’t need to worry about adjusting lines to account for tides because they are floating docks. 

One important factor to keep in mind is the distance between each finger pier. When boats line each side, it becomes narrow, making it challenging to enter or depart, particularly when the tide is incoming or outgoing. We suggest finding a dockage space near the tip of the pier to back or drive out with ease.

Docking At Fish Tales

No need to worry about backing into narrow slips when the current is flowing from changing tides. Drive the boat straight into the face dock to avoid needing to manuever in tight quarters. 

The operator maintains more control of the boat when driving straight into the current. When the tide is outgoing, approach from the east. Conversely, when the tide is incoming, drive to the dock from the west. 

No need to nestle the boat in tight spaces because there is plenty of space for marina residents and visitors. We found ample space to allow for easy access and departure. Remember to place fenders along the side of the hull to prevent damage to the hull’s paintwork and gelcoat. 

When alongside the dock, you will not need to add spring lines. Bow and stern lines are sufficient at the Fish Tales dock. 

Fish Tales Restaurant Food

We were fortunate to walk in at 11 AM eastern on a Sunday morning because tables were available. However, as the day progressed, the tables began to fill steadily. 

Fish Tales Seating

One of the most notable surprises was the minimal amount of outdoor seating space. While the area is plenty large, we expected a more expansive dining area under the tiki. 

Fish Tales offers indoor and outdoor dining, and both tables and bar seats are available. Visit the console with a T-Top to hold the next available table when you walk from the marina to the restaurant. The hostess is located near the parking lot along the road. 

The restaurant features high tops in addition to standard tables. We recommend a standard table when dining with young children. Fish Tales has an abundance of booster seats for children seated at the restaurant’s tables. 

Fish Tales Restaurant Food

Our group of diners were picky eaters, so we sampled a significant number of food items on the menu.

Fortunately, the restaurant serves up more than just seafood because two in our party are not a fan.

We ordered two plates of the Ahi Tuna Tacos, one order of the Grilled Chicken Tacos, one Grilled Chicken Sandwich, one order of Kids Chicken Fingers, a side of fries, a side of caesar salad, and two beers. 

The food came out within ten minutes of ordering and was hot when served. We were very impressed with the quality of the ingredients and the freshness in taste. The seared tuna placed atop the taco was cooked perfectly. 

As far as value is concerned, the total order cost $96.00 and included gratuity because we had a total of six people. 

After lunch, we ventured back down the dock to the boat where a minimal number of vessels occupied open space. 

We Recommend Fish Tales Restaurant

The experience between the boat ride, dockage, and dining was positive when visiting Fish Tales. We recommend coming by watercraft or car when you are in the Savannah area to enjoy waterfront dining. Along the way, the kids were able to catch a glimpse of dolphins cruising by. We give Fish Tales Restaurant a thumbs up for the quality of food and dockage.