The days of picking up the phone to rent a boat or book a fishing charter has passed. Today’s technology allows boaters and anglers to make a reservation while using a smartphone or sitting behind a computer. Additionally, there is an abundance of options on the lake, river, or coastal water in which you are searching. Never be concerned about limited prospects. FareHarbor has partnered with thousands of companies across the country. Next time you’re booking a charter or boat rental, use FareHarbor

What Is FareHarbor

The internet has revolutionized the world by making endless information available at our fingertips. Internet has led to the formation of cloud-based technology.

Cloud based technology like the booking platform allows its client base to integrate calendars and payment systems that directly link to the company’s website. The back end supports the technology interface.

No longer do boat rentals, and charters manage schedules by excel files or pen and paper. The cloud-based technology manages schedules, deploys notification emails, and collects payment. 

Rather than hiring multiple people to handle the operation, FareHarbor simplifies the process. 

Is FareHarbor Legit

Yes, Fareharbor is legit. Founded in 2013 the company is highly regarded by the clients the cloud-based company represents and the users who book reservations. 

The company provides excellent customer service as they have support on standby when needed. 

How Does FareHarbor Work

Don’t be concerned about shelling out money upfront. Instead of a joining fee or monthly retainer, the software is free unless the charter or boat rental makes money. 

When reservations are booked through the platform by the user, FareHarbor makes money by charging an additional 1.9 percent of the amount processed on the credit card and 30 cents. 

The benefits of using the technology are endless. The subscribing company minimizes marketing efforts and cost, streamlines booking and accounting, and links calenders from the renter’s or charter’s site. 

For a boat rental or charter company, it is a no-brainer decision. The cloud-based technology is a powerhouse and will lead to more bookings because of the reputation and marketing put behind the brand. 

How Does FareHarbor Benefit Anglers And Boaters

We have made it clear that the cloud-based software benefits companies who rent or run fishing charters. However, the online system is equally as effective for the end-user to rent or reserve a charter. Here are the benefits for the end-user.


The ultimate goal is to accomplish all tasks most conveniently and efficiently in today’s world. Rather than picking up a phone and dialing or visitors stand with a salesperson behind the counter, the convenience is the ability to use a phone or computer.

Having the ability to pick a charter based on the type of fish you are interested in catching, the time that works best for your schedule, within a set budget range, and processing payments is made easy with Fareharbor.


The cloud-based software is widely used across the country, and therefore anglers and boaters have a wide range of selections.

When shopping for a charter or boat rental, you can pick and choose what most interests you. Unlike a salesperson, Fareharbor is not directing you to one charter or another. A salesperson receives a cut, and the percentages are likely higher based on the boat. 

No matter the body of water you are fishing, whether it be lakes, rivers, the Atlantic Ocean, or coastal waterways, they all contain different fish species. One species compared to another may be of interest, and therefore you can select the trophy fish you have been seeking. 


Whenever payments are made online, we assume the risk of our information being stolen. No data is stored in the cloud-based software; therefore, you do not risk losing your information or identity becoming stolen. 

Remember To Tip Your Crew

A tip is customary and is not included in the charter fee when hiring a crew. Mates and captains work hard before you arrive and after you depart.

Charter fishing mates set up, rig baits, ice coolers, and more before venturing away from the dock. 

After arriving, the charter boat requires washing, the fish must be cleaned and bagged, and maintenance is performed. 

Read about what to tip when hiring an inshore fishing guide. 

The Fareharbor Booking Platform Is The Market Leader

The cloud-based software handles more than just boat rentals and charter fishing trips. Interestingly enough, unless you look closely, you may be completely unaware that Fareharbor is handling the reservation despite landing on a charters page. When booking a charter or rental keep an eye out for a Fareharbor logo.