When it comes to catching fish for dinner in Georgia, South Carolina, or North Carolina, make light work of removing the scales. Some of the most scaley fish include bass, redfish, trout, and more. The old method of scraping scales with a handheld mechanical device is outdated. Today, electric scalers are available to make the chore simple while effectively removing scales at a rapid pace. Here is what you need to know about buying, using, and cleaning an electric fish scaler. 

What Is The Use Of Electric Fish Scaler

The purpose of a fish scaler is to remove scales connected to the skin of a fish. Scales are removed when fish is served whole or filleted, with the skin intact. Without the removal of scales, the fish becomes unappetizing. 

How Does Electric Fish Scaler Work

Have you ever had the opportunity to look at a men’s hair clipper? The blades of an electronic fish scaler are similar in appearance and construction. The edges of a clipper and scaler are composed of stainless steel. The stainless steel construction helps to reduce corrosion.

The scaler works by rapidly spinning a four-bladed stainless steel cutting blade. The blade spins when the button is depressed, and the charged battery is installed.

Combining the rotation blade’s motion with the stainless steel scaler rapidly removes fish scales with minimal force. 

Run the scaler from the tale of the fish towards the head. This motion lifts the bottom of the scales and pulls them free from the skin. 

Is An Electric Fish Scaler For Fresh And Saltwater Fish

Saltwater and freshwater fishing are available for Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina anglers. Fish containing scales swim in these states salt and freshwater environments. 

No matter what body of water the fish was sourced from, scalers perform the function they are designed to do. Most important when removing the scales from a saltwater fish is thoroughly rinsing the blades of the electric tool. A fish scaler that has not been rinsed after scaling a saltwater fish is prone to corrosion. Corrosion will make the metals brittle and blades dull, rendering the equipment ineffective. 

Rather than purchasing electronic scalers annually, care for the tool by cleaning and charging after each use. 

How Is An Electric Fish Scaler Powered

While mechanical hand scalers are highly effective, they are labor-intensive when removing scales from the sides of fish. 

Purchase an electric-powered version rather than removing scales using a mechanical hand scaler. 

Electric scalers operate by using a rechargeable battery when it comes to power. The battery is plugged into a wall outlet when recharging is necessary. We recommend purchasing a spare battery when scaling multiple fish to avoid losing a charge. 

How Much Is A Electric Fish Scaler

When it comes to cost, electric scalers are all similarly priced. The electronic scaling device ranges between forty and sixty dollars. The cost includes the handheld electric device, battery charger, battery, and blade removal tool.

When purchasing a fish scaler, they are available online and in brick-and-mortar shops. While online shopping is convenient, products are worth inspecting before investing to ensure high quality. 

The best online shops include Amazon, West Marine, eBay, and more. However, local to Bass Pro Shop, stop in and check out the selection. We recommend the fish scaler as seen below.

Why Would You Scale A Fish

While the term is scaling a fish we would think the proper terminology is descaling a fish. Descaling would seem to relate to the removal of scales when in fact, scaling is proper. 

When serving whole, steaked, or fillet fish, scaling is frequently required. Whole fish are not filleted; therefore, remove the scale before cooking and serving.

Similar to fish served whole, fish steaks are created by slicing from one side of the body through the other in one to two-inch sections. The section includes the skin and spinal cord. The skin is left to prevent the flesh from flaking away when cooked. 

Lastly, fillets are scaled particularly for fish that flakes when prepared. Rather than pulling the skin free from the fish, keep it in place and cook to your liking. The skin will allow you to serve the fillet as a whole as compared to falling into pieces. 

Are You Ready To Buy An Electric Scaler To Remove Fish Scales

After a day of fishing, your arms will be tired from reeling in the fresh catch. Rather than dragging a clunky fish scaler across the surface of the fish, utilize an electric scaler to make light work of the task. Electric scalers are lightweight, rechargeable, and highly effective in scraping scales. Next time you’re serving whole fish or skin-on fillets utilize an electric scaler.