There are multiple methods to store watercraft in Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina. Boat storage space is at a premium in these three states because of the number of boaters between the lakes, reservoirs, rivers, coastal waters, and the Atlantic Ocean. One of the most popular methods due to convenience is dry boat storage. Here are answers to the 4 most commonly asked dry boat storage questions. 

How Much Does It Cost To Dry Store A Boat

When storing boats in a dry rack, the prices vary significantly based on proximity to open water, whether the bunks are enclosed, and the amount of storage space in the vicinity. 

In addition to storage parameters, the vessel’s overall length significantly impacts cost. The longer the watercraft, the higher the monthly or annual fee. 

Expect to pay between $15 and 40 dollars per foot when averaging dry rack boat storage costs. However, rates will vary based on the length of the rental agreement. When renting monthly rates are higher when compared to annual agreements. Remember to budget for higher fuel costs when filling at a marina versus a gas station pump.

When committing to dry boat storage, the marina requires signing a contract. Early termination fees apply, so avoid moving the vessel while the agreement is in place. Additionally, most marinas require a one-month notice when choosing to discontinue storage despite the contract expiring. 

Dry storage contracts are intricate and include fine details. Make sure to read and understand the terms before signing. 

What Is Dry Rack Boat Storage

Let’s face it waterfront property is highly valuable. Marinas are expensive operations between purchasing land, construction facilities, maintaining docks, and other operating costs. 

To maximize space, dry rack marinas are built vertically compared to horizontally. The creation of racks allows marinas to hold a substantial number of boats. Dry racks reach vertically into the air with 3 to 5 levels storing vessels up to forty feet in length. 

Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina feature covered and uncovered dry racks. We recommend covered storage when available to prevent the watercraft from sun and rain exposure. 

How Does Boat Dry Storage Work

Dry boat storage is a simple but intricate business. Marinas function with a significant number of moving parts. Here are the operations of a dry storage marina. 


The key component to a dry rack marina is storage. Engineers design racks to withstand the weight of hundreds of boats. In addition to weight capacity, the threat of hurricanes looms in the coastal regions of Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina compared to inland lakes and rivers. Check out where to keep your boat during a hurricane.

The racks are positioned within a short distance of water, allowing forklifts to move boats from storage to dock space within minutes. Time savings are essential, particularly on weekends when the weekend warriors are in full effect. 


Dry rack marina operations come to a standstill without forklift operators or operating forklifts. Forklifts are required to pull boats from racks, lower them into the but not before installing the drain plug, retrieve them from the water and pull the drain plug before placing them back on the rack. 

Forklifts run from the early morning hours until late evening, moving watercraft from point A to point B and back again.  

Office Staff

Rather than showing up at the marina and waiting inline to request your boat be pulled from a rack, marina staff is on hand to answer the phone and radio the forklift driver. 

When storing a boat at a dry rack marina, utilize the office staff to your advantage by giving them advanced notice that you are on the way. In the situation when planning to depart the dock before operating hours, request the boat be splashed the day before. 

What Is The Cheapest Way To Store A Boat

Unfortunately, convenience costs money. When a boat is docked in the water or along the shores of the water, cost increases substantially. 

The most cost-effective method for storing boats is on the trailer at home or a storage facility versus a dry rack. Here is a breakdown of trailer versus dry rack storage

Always consider the convenience of storing a boat in a dry rack marina. A substantial amount of time is saved when the boat is situated on the shores and can be prepared within moments as compared to trailering and launching. 

Now You Know The Answers To The 4 Most Commonly Asked Dry Boat Storage Questions

Dry rack boat storage makes boating convenient for boaters who enjoy spending time on the water. We have utilized dry racks and can attest to the value when compared to the expense. Check out dry rack marinas in your area and call for pricing to determine if it is your best option.