Outside of Savannah, Georgia, lies an island called Skidaway. Skidaway Island is composed primarily of a large neighborhood called The Landings. In addition to residential neighborhoods, Skidaway is known for the Skidaway Island State Park and the University Of Georgia Institute of Oceanography. The island despite not being fitted with a public pier offers ample fishing opportunities. Many people visiting ask the question does Publix Skidaway Island sell fishing bait?

What Types Of Fishing Opportunities Are Available On Skidaway Island

Despite the abundance of neighborhoods on Skidaway Island, there are ample opportunities for fishing. Check on the places to fish below. 

Skidaway Island State Park

Whether you are visiting for the day or camping, Skidaway Island State Park is positioned on the Skidaway River. 

The park is situated within a one mile drive from the entrance to Publix Skidaway Island. Stop in at Publix Landings to grab a bite to eat, cool down with refreshments, or purchase fishing bait. 

Trails are abundant within the park and they lead you over creeks and to the banks of the Skidaway River. Cast a line from the small wooden bridges or in the River. Remember, this is saltwater fishing and not freshwater. 

University Of Georgia Institute Of Oceanography

The University of Georgia Institute Of Oceanography is home to a public aquarium to learn about local fish species. 

In addition to the aquarium are trails on the property that meander along the water. Focus your attention on overhanging trees and marsh-lined shorelines. Despite the property being home to a pier, fishing is not allowed. 

Priest Landing Trail

Across the street from the University Of Georgia Institute Of Oceanography is the Priest Landing Trail. The Priest Landing Trail is a biking and walking trail that allows access to a creek. 

The creek despite its step banks provides excellent fishing opportunities for anglers of all experience levels. 

 We have had great success fishing the creek and rarely go home without catching at least one fish. 

The Landings Neighborhood

The Landings neighborhood is an anglers paradise but you must live or know a resident to be granted access.

Inside of the gates are over 50 saltwater and 50 freshwater ponds in addition to a marina on the north and south end. 

Although the bulk of the fishing is inside the gates, some opportunities present themselves. In the village which is home to Publix the Landings are two freshwater ponds. Here you will find bass, carp, crappie, bluegill, catfish, and more. Be aware that alligators call these ponds home so remain on the lookout. 

What Kind Of Saltwater Species Can You Catch On Skidaway Island

When fishing the island, you have the opportunity to catch the most highly sought after inshore species.

The species include redfish otherwise known as red drum, sea trout, flounder, sheepshead, bonnethead shark, black drum, and even blue crab.

All of these make excellent table fare so pack a cooler, measuring tape, and regulations book. 

Do You Need A Fishing License To Fish On Skidaway Island

Purchase a fishing license when fishing on Skidaway Island. When freshwater fishing near Publix on Skidaway Island purchase a Georgia freshwater fishing license.

The bulk of the fishing is saltwater and therefore when casting a line in the creeks and rivers you will need a Georgia Saltwater fishing license. 

What Kind Of Bait Can You Buy At Publix On Skidaway Island

 Let’s just start out by saying you’re not going to find tanks with live bait inside of the store despite the ample fishing opportunities. Publix on Skidaway Island does not have a bait section but they sell products that are effective for fishing. Here is a breakdown on the types of baits

Blue Crab Fishing

When fishing for blue crabs we recommend hand lining or dropping ring nets. The most effective bait for blue crabs is chicken necks. Chicken necks are available in the meat department. However, if you don’t see them on the shelves, ask the clerk who will be glad to grab them from the back. 

Don’t be surprised if you stumble across a stone crab versus a blue crab as they inhabit the same waters. 

Freshwater Fishing

Artificial lures are most effective for catching fish in Skidaway Island ponds. However, when carp fishing, pick up a can of corn or bread from Publix On Skidaway Island. Place the bread or corn on a hook and present it near the surface. 

Saltwater Fishing

Stop in at Publix Skidaway Island for shrimp from the seafood department. Shrimp is most effective for catching saltwater fish on the island. Another option is to avoid fishing altogether and buy Publix red snapper, lobster, or other fresh seafood.

At the base of the bridge before entering the Island at Butterbean Beach is Bandys Bait & Tackle. The bait stores sells live shrimp but the hours are more limited. However, you won’t find bulk fiddler crabs for sale at Bandy’s. When Bandy’s is closed use Skidaway Publix as an alternative. 

Stop In At Publix On Skidaway Island For Fishing Bait

Skidaway Island is a gorgeous barrier island with ample access for public fishing. We have fished across the entire island and have had great success freshwater and saltwater fishing. When visiting Savannah make the journey to the island to explore the trails and park but most importantly to cast a line. However, if you didn’t bring along fishing gear you can always buy Publix stone crabs, red snapper publix, or other varieties to cook up fresh.