Many of us grow up with a childhood dream of owning a waterfront property equipped with a dock to jump on the boat at a moment’s notice. On the lakes and in the coastal regions of Georgia, South Carolina, a North Carolina, the dream can turn into a reality. There is an abundance of properties on the water, some of which have a dock and others that do not. Best ways for locating dock builders near me

Why Would You Build A Dock

The answer varies based on the person, but in general, the vast majority of the population wishes for private water access. 

Despite the theory that a backyard dock is simply for boaters, this is untrue. Homeowners undergo construction for the opportunity to enjoy an outdoor space separate from the home and over the water. 

The complexity of a dock varies from a narrow and short point of access to luxurious structures with all of the bells and whistles. Take into account that dock builders can create large seating areas equipped with power, overhead roofs, backyard fishing access, and multi-layers to become elevated for more impressive views. 

Let your imagination run wild. It is not farfetched to request a hot tub platform, outdoor kitchen, television, and running water. Check out some dock accessories

What Are The Requirements For Building A Dock

Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina each require permitting for building a backyard dock.

The regulations vary by state, so it is best to contact the local authorities to determine the parameters in which the construction must be completed. 

Remember, the dock builder will be an expert in local laws and will likely assist in obtaining the permits to move forward with construction. 

What Is The Best Material For A Dock

There are numerous choices when selecting the type of materials in which a dock is constructed. 

Remember, the pillars supporting the flat surface remain largely the same; however, the walkable topside varies.

The best dock decking material is composite such as what Trex produces. Composite materials are not subject to damage from termites the implications of standing water which causes rotting.

While composite decking is the best choice because of its durability, it will not fit everyone’s budget. The material comes at a significantly higher cost when compared to pressure-treated lumber. 

Does A Dock Increase Home Value

A dock that was constructed to code and is well maintained will substantially increase the home’s value. The value-added amount varies based on the complexity of the construction and its features. 

While home resale value is essential, remember the purpose of the dock is for the homeowner’s enjoyment.

On the contrary, homes equipped with docks in disrepair can adversely affect home value costs. Docks require an exceptional amount of maintenance, and the cost is high; therefore, they become neglected.

When deciding to build a backyard dock, commit to annual maintenance.

How Long Will A Dock Last

The answer as to how long a dock will last depends on the materials and the level of maintenance performed.

Pressure Treated Lumber

Pressure-treated lumber lasts between twelve and twenty years. Surface areas subject to sitting water will decay at a faster rate.

Annual maintenance is key to increasing the lifespan by replacing pulled nails, applying a protective coating annually, and monitoring for areas of deterioration. 

Composite Materials

Composite materials withstand harsh coastal environments far better than wood. Despite its durability, the lifespan of composites is 20 years. 

Composite docks are subject to fading in direct sunlight. Also, as dirt accumulates, clean it away regularly to maintain its appearance. 

How Do I Find Dock Builders Near Me

Finding local dock builders is a simple task when utilizing the internet. On a computer, tablet, or phone, search dock builders near me. A full list of options will appear. We recommend receiving multiple quotes.

Word of mouth is an even better option. Neighboring homes have docks. Consult the neighbors as to their experiences with specific builders.

Remember to request references and read online reviews before signing on the dotted line. 

Are You Ready To Find Dock Builders Near Me

Your lifelong long dream of owning a waterfront home has become a reality. Now the time has come to find dock builders near me. While the upfront expense is high, the backyard structure provides years of entertainment, particularly when coupled with a boat and lift. Avoid the hassles of marinas and utilize the space that you own.