Whether you are saltwater or freshwater fishing in North Carolina, South Carolina, or Georgia, it is essential to follow the licensing regulations. The right to fish is considered a privilege, and therefore, a license is required. However, the licensing requirements vary by state. Learn what type of license is necessary, the cost, where to obtain a permit, and how long they last. 

What Types Of Fishing Licenses Are Available

The types of fishing licenses available are highly dependent on the state. Visitors and residents have the opportunity to select freshwater or saltwater licenses for specified durations. 

North Carolina

Residents and non-residents who are not avid anglers have the option to select a 10-day freshwater or saltwater license.

In addition to 10-day permits, other options include one-year and lifetime licenses. However, it is critical to purchase a saltwater or freshwater license dependent on the body of water or a combination package. Reduced rates are available for the blind, physically disabled, disabled veterans, those confined to home care, and low-income families. 

South Carolina

South Carolina breaks licensing options down to the type of fishing based on specific species. In general, both residents and non-residents select freshwater and saltwater licenses based on duration. The options include a 14 day, annual, or three-year permit. 


Unlike South Carolina and North Carolina, trout anglers are required to obtain a permit. Georgia features a one-day, annual, or lifetime license. 

How Much Does A Fishing License Cost

The cost for a fishing license ranges between as low as five dollars for a one-day pass and pushes over 300 dollars for a lifetime license.

The parents of young anglers should consider a lifetime license because of the savings it provides over time. 

How Do You Obtain A Fishing License

A fishing license is easily obtainable. Local stores, including Dicks and Walmarts, sell fishing permits; however, there is a more straightforward method. In today’s world, online shopping is the most convenient, and the license is available instantly.

To purchase a fishing license online, visit these websites based on the state you are fishing. 

Georgia Fishing License

South Carolina Fishing License

North Carolina Fishing License

How Long Does A Fishing License Last

The duration of the license is highly dependent on what the angler selects. Fishing licenses range from one day to a lifetime. However, lifetime fishing permits are most often only available to residents of the state. 

Avid anglers should consider annual or lifetime licenses compared to the occasional fisher. Short-term permits are preferable for those who head to the water one or two times a year. 

What Department Checks Fishing Licenses

In South Carolina and Georgia, the government created the Department of Natural Resources to manage fishing regulations and licensing. However, in North Carolina, the North Carolina Wildlife Commission is tasked with sizing regulations and licensing. 

No matter the department’s name, it is essential to obtain a fishing license before fishing and only harvesting fish that meet the size requirements. 

Avoid being in fear of the department that handles fishing regulations. Rather than being in fear, understand that they are faced with the difficult task of managing populations for generations to come. 

Purchase a license when catching crustaceans, including crabs and shrimp in Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina. 

At What Age Is A Fishing License Required

A fishing license is required in Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina for residents and non-residents aged 16 years or older.

 Are You Ready To Buy A Fishing License

The states of Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina offer excellent fresh and saltwater fishing opportunities. These opportunities include catching trout from cold-water mountain streams to running into the gulf stream for marlin, wahoo, tuna, and dolphin. The process of purchasing a license is simple and is available online. Remember to pick the license that best suits your needs.