Two of the most popular family boats are the deck boat and the pontoon boat. They are widely found in Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina. When it comes to the difference between a deck boat vs pontoon boat they each have unique characteristics that set them apart. Learn what the differences are and what suits your needs. 

Are Deck Boats Good In Rough Water

The hull of a deck boat is excellent for handling rough water. The deep V design slices through waves when on plane, making the ride smooth.

Despite the deck boat’s hull effectively handling rough water while in motion; while at, rest the watercraft is prone to rolling from side to side. 

Are Pontoon Boats Good In Rough Water

When comparing the ride of a deck boat vs pontoon rough water, they are opposites. While the deck boat handles large waves with ease at cruising speeds, the pontoon boat does not. When a pontoon travels in rough seas, the bow comes stuffed. A stuffed bow is when the front of the watercraft buries into the wave flooding the deck. 

Conversely, due to the distance between the pontoons, the pontoon boat is exceptionally stable while not in motion despite heavy wave action.

What Is Faster A Deck Boat Or Pontoon Boat

When it comes to speed, the deck boat is exceptionally faster than the pontoon boat. The difference in speed is a result of the hull design. 

The deep v hulls on deck boats cut through the water more efficiently when compared to the pontoon boats. Pontoons are subject to more drag and resistance because a larger surface area of the pontoon remains in the water at cruising speed.

What Boat Is More Manueverable A Deck Boat Or Pontoon Boat

The deck boat is more maneuverable when compared to the pontoon boat. Pontoon boats are vast and are equipped with low horsepower engines. The combination of the two results in a watercraft that is slow to respond.

Deck boats are powerful, and the hull design allows the watercraft to be highly maneuverable. When facing challenging docking situations or tight slips, the deck boat responds quicker when moving the steering wheel and throttle. 

What Is The Comparison In The Deck Boat vs Pontoon Price

When comparing the cost between a deck boat vs pontoon, the deck boat is more expensive. 

The construction of deck boats requires higher-cost materials and labor. Consider the time invested into forming a fiberglass hull compared to pontoons with a flat deck affixed above. 

In addition to materials and labor, when analyzing a pontoon vs boat, pontoon boats do not require high-powered engines compared to deck boats. Increased horsepower and cost go hand in hand. 

Can You Do Water Sports Off Of A Deck Boat And Pontoon Boat

While tubing, waterskiing, skurfing, and wakeboarding are manageable from a pontoon or deck boat, the deck boat outperforms.

Pontoon boats are sluggish to get on plane when compared to the high-powered deck boats. As a result of the sluggishness, watersport enthusiasts will face the challenge of being pulled from a sitting to an upright position.

However, when it comes to anchoring up and swimming, the pontoon vs deck boat is exceptional due to the ease of getting on and off the boat. It is designed well for people of all age ranges including the elderly because of its stability.

What Is Better For Fishing A Deck Boat Or Pontoon Boat

When it comes to fishing, the pontoon boat outperforms deck boats. Pontoons are ideal for anchoring and bottom fishing because it allows anglers to spread out to avoid lines from becoming tangled. Because of the space along a flat surface, some consider this style of boat to be called a pontoon deck boat.

While deck boats are comparable as far as deck space is concerned, they do not have railings allowing rod holders to be attached. The pontoon boat is best suited for the occasional angler. 

Deck Boat Vs. Pontoon Boat: Which One Is For You

When comparing the pontoon boat vs deck boat, the deck boat is more seaworthy to handle conditions in the coastal regions of Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina. Seaworthiness is important to understand exactly what is a deck boat. However, pontoons are ideal for inland lakes where the waters remain calm. While each boat is trailerable, the deck boats vs pontoon boats are less bulky when sitting on the bunks. Consider the differences and check out boat trader for a list of watercraft for sale in your area.