5 Things To Know About Crappie Fishing in South Carolina 

Crappie? Why would you want to catch crappie. These panfish sized catch are one of the most highly sought after gamefish. If you’re looking to getting out on the water to entertain the family, crappie fishing is the way to go. Big boat or small boat, and basic gear is all you need to fill up an ice bucket full of fresh fish. Here is the low down on catching one of the most sought after fish in the south. 

Crappie are found all throughout the Southern United States making them a fish that many anglers like to seak out. Let’s look at why crappie fishing is so popular in the US.

In What type of structure do you find crappie?

While crappie are highly prevalent, they can be a challenge to find in lakes through the southern United States. These panfish can be caught while on a boat or land by finding places where fish forage. Crappie forage for food in areas that provide protection like rocks or fallen trees and are most commonly found in schools. 

What type of equipment do you need to catch crappie fish?

While crappie fishing can be done by land or shore, the gear needed is readily available. These fish are not very large, averaging just over a pound and measuring in at around eleven inches. With the size in mind, you don’t need specialized equipment. Lightweight rods and reels are sufficient enough to land these tasty treats. If you’re not yet equipped, grab the smallest rod and reel combo at the lowest cost, and that that’s all that’s necessary except for tackle and bait. 

What type of bait is needed for crappie fishing in South Carolina?

The fact is crappie are one of the most aggressive eating fish that are found in South Carolina lakes. If you can gather or buy live bait, they readily eat live minnows, insects, and worms. 

  1. Without live bait, try a small jig that resembles the look of a minnow. Crappie will aggressively strike small jigs.
  2. Again thinking small, spinnerbaits, much like searching for bass, are highly effective. Cast and retrieve them slowly around structure and be ready; crappie are equipped with largemouths to inhale the lure. 
  3. Much like a spinnerbait, a soft plastic grub can be rigged on a jig head and reeled in slow for a solid bite. Crappie love eating live grubs so tie one of these on and test your luck.

What are the lakes in South Carolina that are great for catching crappie?

  1. Lake Murray
  2. Lake Moultrie
  3. Lake Jocassee
  4. Lake Hartwell

How do you cook crappie fillets?

  1. Grilling- season or marinate your fillets before placing them on the grill. They will cook through quickly because of how thin they are, typically a couple of minutes on each side; remove them before they become overdone. 
  2. While nearly every fish tastes great in a deep fryer, crappie is no exception. Slap the fillets in seasoned flour, then egg, and lastly in breadcrumbs or panko. When they are cooked, drizzle some lemon and dip them in tarter sauce.
  3. A lighter method like grilling, is baking them off in the oven. Add your favorite seasoning, place them on an oiled pan, and roast them for up to fifteen minutes but check them regularly to ensure they are not overdone. 


Crappie fishing in South Carolina is exciting for the entire family. The fish is so prevalent that they can be a cooler filler in short order. The gear, bait, and opportunity to catch them by land or boat make it a low-cost investment to fill up the dinner plate. Next time you are hungry for freshwater fish, target crappie in South Carolina waters.