Despite the extended summers in Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina, the winter temperatures fall below the freezing mark in the coastal and inland portions of the three states. When spending time on the water fishing during the coldest of days, it is essential to wear warm clothing to avoid the onset of hypothermia and frostbite. Stay protected by wearing wold weather fishing gear when temperatures dip. 

What Do You Wear Fishing In Cold Weather

When fishing by boat or shore, it is essential to wear layers when cold weather is in the forecast. Layering is necessary because anglers can add or remove articles of clothing as the temperatures fluctuate through the day. The cold weather clothing essentials are broken down below. 


Avoid wearing shorts as your body will be incapable of retaining heat. When fishing in the winter, wear jeans or corduroy pants. These two styles of pants will provide ample insulation. 


When it comes to shirts, layering is critical. T-shirts comprise the base layer. After the T-shirt, wear a long-sleeve T-shirt. Lastly, hoodies or quarter zips make up the third and final layer of shirts. 

The purpose of layering is the ability to shed clothing when necessary. The morning and evening temperatures fall while the daytime temperatures rise. Add or remove layers as dedicated by the weather. 


The highest level of heat loss is through the head and neck. When temperatures fall, it is critical to cover the top of the head with winter hats. Cotton winter reduces heat loss, thus keeping you warmer. 

In addition to covering the head, ensure that the hat is large enough to drape over the ears. Ears are prone to frostbite, and a winter cap reduces the likelihood of frostbite skin. 


When selecting gloves, focus on maximizing dexterity and warmth. In addition to the ability to move your fingers as freely as possible, consider grip. Avoid dropping fishing poles over the side of the vessel as a result of gloves lacking texture.

When fishing, gloves are prone to becoming soaked by fresh or saltwater. Pack an extra set of gloves in the event they become wet. Check out the Aftco fishing gloves

Hand Warmers

Anglers overlook hand warmers. When the hands are cold, they become stiff. Stiff hands present a challenge when tying hooks or reeling. 

To keep the hands warm, utilize hand warmers beneath gloves. A second option is occasionally squeezing the warmers periodically. 


Despite the three layers of shirts, jackets are essential and particularly when the wind blows. Windbreaker jackets reduce heat loss by preventing harsh winter winds from reaching the skin. Wear and remove the coat as necessary. 

Rain Gear

The combination of driving rain and cold weather makes for a miserable day when ill-equipped with proper gear. Rain gear is an essential article of clothing. 

When rain is in the forecast, pack a set of fishing bibs and a rain jacket. The combination of the two will help prevent you from becoming soaked. Nothing makes for a worse day on the water than being cold and wet. 

Cold Weather Fishing Gear: Now You Know What To Wear 

Don’t stay home and lose the opportunity to fish when cold weather is expected. Wear cold-weather fishing gear if you are fishing from a boat or shore in fresh or saltwater through Georgia, South Carolina, or North Carolina. The combination of articles of clothing will not only keep you warm but in addition dry. We have fished during the coldest of months and know that hats, gloves, hand warmers, rain gear, jackets, shirts, and pants significantly impact the comfort level of anglers when temperates drop.