The blue crab is one of the tastiest crustaceans caught in Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina. Blue crabs are abundant and are capable of being caught by novice anglers with minimal equipment. While a wide variety of baits are effective for catching crab, chicken necks are superb. Here is what you need to know about locating chicken necks near me for your next crabbing adventure. 

Where To Buy Chicken Necks For Crabbing

Locating chicken necks is a simple process. The neck of a chicken is widely used within the household as a meal. In addition to cooking, anglers utilize the bait to catch blue crab in the coastal regions along the east coast of the United States. Blue crab fishing near is easy in Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina, particularly during the summer months.

To locate chicken necks for crabbing, search chicken necks near me on a tablet, laptop, or smartphone. A list of stores will be available to scroll and find a seller within proximity to your location. 

Here is a list of the most common places of where to buy chicken necks near me. Crab fishing near me will become much easier after you locate chicken necks as bait.

Grocery Stores

We all need to stock up on groceries weekly. While you’re in the store, check out the meat and freezer department for packaged chicken necks. It is not uncommon to find grocery stores that sell chicken necks.

In some situations, the necks are not displayed in fridge cases. Ask the butcher because they often store them in the back refrigerators and are available upon request. Lastly, on rare occurrences, the bait is located in the freezer section. 

Butcher Shops

There is no better place to find chicken necks than at a local butcher shop. Butchers are likely to have necks in stock and sell them at reduced rates per pound. 

Purchase large quantities of chicken necks while you’re at the butcher shop. The bait is capable of being frozen for extended periods. Bag the necks in small packages and pull them from the freezer for each trip.  

Bait Stores

Despite crabbing being a popular sport in the coastal regions, it is uncommon to find chicken necks at bait stores. 

Call the bait stores in your vicinity to make a one-stop-shop for bait and tackle before heading to the boat, shore, dock, or pier crabbing.

Does Chicken Work For Crabbing

When crab fishing, chicken necks are highly effective for catching blue crab in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia. 

The necks of chicken are firm in texture, and therefore the sharp claws of the crab do not easily shred the bait. Additionally, blue crustaceans are attracted to the scent of the bait as the oils are emitted into the water. 

Chicken necks can be fished in many ways, including traps, dip nets, or simply tied to a line and slowly retrieved by hand when a crab latches on the bait. 

How Do You Catch Crabs With Chicken

First, let’s start with what you need to catch blue crabs in the first place. In addition to bait, always pack a measuring tape, saltwater fishing license, net, bucket for storing the crustaceans, gloves, and a trap, handline, or drop net. 

When you’re at the water, prepare the fishing method of your choice while using chicken necks. 

Hand Line

As simple as it may sound, a hand line is simply a line on a spool with a weight attached to the end. Connect a chicken neck to the lead, toss the line in the water, and wait to feel the pull of a blue crab on the other end. 

Once a crab is chewing the bait, slowly retrieve the line,, place the net beneath the crab,, and scoop it from the water. Repeat the process until the bucket is full. 

Drop Net

A more straightforward method compared to handlining is utilizing a drop net. Connect the chicken neck to the center of the net with the clip attached. Drop the net in the water while securing the string attached to the dock or boat. After five minutes, raise the net and place all crabs of legal size within the bucket. 

When searching for a drop net in your area, search crab nets near me. Ensure to purchase a high quality net to avoid needing to replace it in a short time span.

Crab Pot

Crab pots are fished similarly to drop nets except for the time required to soak the bait. 

Place the necks in the center bait storage compartment. Toss the trap into the water and secure the line to the dock or float. The float must contain the angler’s name and address.

Soak the crab traps for up to 24 hours. Before the 24 hour mark, pull the traps and remove the crabs. Redeploy after inspecting the condition of the bait. 

It’s Time To Pick Up A Package Of Chicken Neck Near Me

Visit your local bait shop, grocery store, or butcher to pick up chicken necks for crab fishing. The bait is firm and lasts for a significant amount of time when utilized in traps despite the harsh conditions and crabs chewing the necks. A bucket full of crustaceans will keep you coming more because of the sweetmeat when prepared with the best blue crab recipes. However, a recipe that may cause confusion is Mecrab. Mecrab is Taiwanese but does not include crab but rather fried crispy noodles. Lastly, always remember to obtain a saltwater fishing license and follow the harvesting regulations of the state.