Charleston, South Carolina, is notable for its historic charm. The city has preserved a significant number of buildings dating back hundreds of years. In addition to visitors flocking to the city for historical purposes, the dining scene is equally superb. 

The city experiences mild winters and hot summers, making it a destination to be enjoyed year-round. Anglers frequent Charleston because of the excellent inshore fishing opportunities. The species include sheepshead, sea trout, redfish, and flounder. Is the Charleston SC Weather good enough for fishing?

Is April A Good Time To Visit Charleston, SC

No matter the time of year, Charleston is worth the visit. The city is bustling each year of the month, and therefore entertainment will not be lacking. 

How Warm Is Charleston In April

When it comes to air temperatures in April, Charleston is comfortable. The average temps range between 59 degrees and 73 degrees. Therefore, the Charleston SC, weather in April is ideal.

In April, you avoid the summers sweltering heat that pushes over 90 degrees. Shorts are more than fine to wear during the daylight hours before changing into pants and long sleeves during the late evening hours while on land.

However, on the water is a different story. The sea temperatures range between 63 and 73 degrees. Anglers face colder temperatures while boating as the water is cooling the air. Long pants and lights jackets will keep fishers most comfortable. 

Can You Swim In Charleston In April

While you can swim in Charleston during April, the seawater temperatures are uncomfortable. Swimmers needing a quick cool down should enter and exit the water rapidly to prevent body temperatures from falling too low. 

A second option to remain in the water for extended periods is to utilize a wet suit. A wet suit will aid in holding the body’s core temperature. 

Does It Rain A Lot In Charleston In April

Expect between eight and ten days of rainfall in Charleston in April. The monthly rain totals average roughly three inches. 

While April is not the driest month the city experiences, it is not comparable to the summer months. During the summer, shower and thunderstorm activity occurs, and monthly rainfall totals exceed seven inches. In comparison, April is dry. 

Is April A Good Month To Go Inshore Fishing In Charleston, South Carolina

We have determined that the air temperatures are rainfall totals are suitable for anglers during April.

As the winter shifts to spring, the coastal waters come to life. Baitfish begin to arrive, which causes increased activity amongst flounder, redfish, and sea trout. 

Focus on grassy shorelines to increase the odds of catching both redfish and trouts. Flounders, on the other hand, prefer structures including docks and pilings. Remember, the flounder is a bottom feeder. Focus on casting baits, including mullet, mud minnows, and shrimp on the bottom of the seafloor. 

When arriving with a personally owned vessel, study the waters before venturing out to avoid running aground. 

For those who are not equipped with a boat, hire a fishing charter. The experts know where and when the fish are biting to increased the likelihood of success. Check out these great charters.

Whether you are fishing on your boat or a charter, wear long pants and shirts. Bring along a jacket. Moving from spot to spot at high speeds will become uncomfortable. When rain is in the forecast, remember rain gear to keep you dry. Before you go out, check the forecast on Wunderground

Plan An April Fishing Trip In Charleston, South Carolina

The Charleston SC weather in April is ideal. The temperatures are not to hot and not to cold. As if exploring the city was not enough, the inshore waters are worth exploring by personal boat or charter. The Charleston fishing is phenomenal, and April is when the activity begins to intensify. Lastly, remember to follow local fishing regulations and obtain a saltwater license.