The snook is highly sought after by anglers, particularly in the state of Florida. The fish is notable for its dogged fight. Fishers target the species in a variety of places ranging from beaches to inland structures. The snook fish is caught on both natural baits and artificials. The question remains, do snook fish venture north of the Florida and Georgia state line?

What Is A Snook

A snook is a slender fish that is highly aggressive. Even though they do not possess sharp teeth, the fish strikes baitfish with force. 

The fish is sought after for both its ability to battle anglers and the quality of the fillets. As a result, snook is highly regulated, particularly in Florida. 

How Do You Identify A Snook

The snook is easily identifiable. To identify the fish, look for the following characteristics. 

Spot the lateral line running from the back of the head to the tail along its silver or pale yellow colored scaley body depending on the water in which it inhabits. 

The fins are bright yellow, and the jaw is extended. Never hesitate to grab the snook by the mouth as they present no risk of injuring anglers extremities. Be wary of the gill plates as they are sharp. 

Is Snook Freshwater Or Saltwater

What is unique about the snook is that it survives in saltwater, brackish water, and saltwater. The fish is highly adaptable as it lives in water that lacks or contains salt. 

No matter the level of salinity, the species is caught by utilizing the same methods. The key is to find the areas in which they inhabit. 

How Big Do Snook Grow

Snook sizes vary; however, on average, the fish weighs between three and sixteen pounds. While the snook exceeds 60 pounds, it is not uncommon to consistently hook twenty to thirty-five pounders when targeting the species through Florida. 

How Do You Catch Snook Fish

The snook is caught in a multitude of ways. Fishing rod and reel combinations must range between light and medium action to avoid utilizing gear that causes the fish to become weary. 

Spinning gear provides the most accuracy when sight casting with live baits or artificial lures. Attach a live mullet, shrimp, or pinfish under a float around docks and seawalls. The best artificials include spoons, plugs, and soft plastics. 

The small fish tend to jump; therefore, be prepared to react appropriately to keep the line taught. When the snook is boat side, grab the fish by the lip or scoop the snook out of the water with a fishing net to avoid breaking the line and allowing it to swim free. 

Do Snook Live In Georgia

Yes, snook venture into the coastal waters of Georgia. The fish has been caught as far north as North Carolina. 

While the populations are limited in the state, anglers stumble across the species from time to time as by-catch when targeting redfish or sea trout. The catch comes as a surprise and treat because of its edibility. 

Keep in mind that the Georgia snook is small. Expect to catch these fish ranging between two and eight pounds. Despite its stature, make sure to snap a photo to make the memory last a lifetime. 

Are You Targeting Snook In Georgia

While the fish is particularly challenging to hone in on, avid coastal anglers catch snook periodically. You are most likely to catch snook fish floating live mullet around structures, including dock and pilings. Make sure to pull the fish away from objects to help prevent breakoffs. Lastly, snap pictures with the help of a friend or family member while holding the snook.