Don’t confuse a sandbar with a sand bar. We are talking about a gathering place surrounded by water, only accessible by boat, but doesn’t serve food or alcohol and is equally social. Sandbars are some of the most popular and fun destinations for boaters of all ages, and they can be found in abundance. Just why is boating to a sandbar so popular in coastal North Carolina.

Avoiding The Beach Crowds

One of the most common reasons boaters chose to go to anchor at a sandbar instead of the beach is to avoid the crowds. Beaches are jammed packed during prime season, and navigating a boat close to the shoreline with all of the swimmers around to anchor up can be a daunting task.

The little patch of land surrounded by water is like a tropical oasis. However, that postage-stamp-sized sandy island can also become a gathering place for the masses but overall fewer. Consider it a beach with limited access.

No Fee For Parking

Summer beach parking rates are expensive. Often, the parking spaces are a long way from the sandy shoreline, leaving you and your crew to drag all beach toys and accessories long distances. Even before you pay, locating a spot during the week or over a weekend is a challenge in itself.

More times than not, a sandbar will be less crowded during the week than over a weekend. The weekends to pack up the local hotspot, but for the most part, finding a place to secure your boat will not be a difficult task. Even better is the fact that you have all of your belongings with you when you’re front and center to the action.

More Privacy

No, the sand bar won’t be as private as having a private beach; however, it will offer more privacy than the masses at a public access beach. Think of it this way, at the sandbar, the option always exists to socialize with fellow boaters on the sandy island or escape to your boat and kick back listening to your favorite music under the shaded T-top or bimini top on comfortable seats.

Don’t feel like you have to choose to stay on board the boat or at the beach. Go back and forth as often as you prefer. Just make sure the craft is well anchored before heading off.

A Kitchen That Comes Along With You

Avoid having to order from a local beachfront restaurant or packing cold-cut sandwiches. Add a boat grill to your list of necessary items that can come along for the adventure.

Most boat grills mount to a boat railing or in a rod holder. The grill is fueled by small propane tank cans and gives you the option to be creative and have a hot meal while hanging by the sandbar. Pack hot dogs, hamburgers, kabobs, or even steaks. The surrounding boaters my invite themselves over for a hot fresh meal.

Your Personal Swim-up Bar

Most beaches ban the consumption of alcohol while on the beach. Swimming to a sand bar from the boat does not come along with these regulations. Of course, accessive drinking amounts of alcohol should be avoided to avoid injury, and the operator should remain sober.

Pack your favorite beer, wine, or bottles of alcohol and mixes. Turn your boat into a floating bar at more than half the cost of stopping in at a beachside bar. Remember to bring cups with lids to head to the sandbar and avoid spills.

So Do You See Why Boating To The Sandbar Is So Popular In Coastal North Carolina

These are only five reasons why boating to a sandbar in North Carolina is so popular. The list can go on and on. One of the most challenging parts is finding a sandbar in your area. Try searching the internet for a sandbar near me and see what pulls up. Tides and currents can be strong, and caution should be taken when boating to a sandbar. Being towed from running aground by a sandbar rescue tow company can be expensive. Take your time and remember how fortunate you are to access some of the most secluded beaches in the area. Make it a routine occurrence during the prime boating season.