When it comes down to harsh winter temperatures, don’t let your boat sit unprotected during the ice-cold winter months. Crafts are easily damaged by the freezing temperatures we face in the winter months of the year. Although they are not frequent, temps do drop in the frozen range. All it takes is one or two freezes to cause thousands of dollars of repair to your vessel. Likely, you won’t know damage occurred until you’re ready to take back on the water, delaying enjoying time spent offshore. What is the best boat winterization center near Lake Hyco and Lake Mayo in North Carolina?

Lake Hyco

Lake Hyco is situated at the North Carolina and Virginia border. Due to its northern location, it is very susceptible to winter freezes. The lake is over nearly six square miles in size and is known for excellent fishing and watersport activities. I recommend if you’re looking for boat winterization services near me include Lake Hyco when searching the internet.

Lake Mayo

Just thirty-five miles to the east is Lake Mayo. Lake Mayo is slightly over four square miles. This lake is also great for water sports and fishing. 

Both lakes are approximately one and a half hours north of Raleigh, North Carolina. Because of its proximity to a large city, it is a great escape for those working in major cities. Both offer picturesque shorelines and ample space on the water to participate in your favorite activities. Why not leave the city and head to a lake adventure.

Each of these lakes was human-made to produce electricity for the surrounding cities and towns. As a result, they create energy and provide a body of water for tourists and locals to enjoy. 

Because these two water bodies are situated so far north, boats are unlikely to be used in the coldest season of the year. As a result, boat winterization should be done to prevent unnecessary damage. I recommend searching winterize boat near me for a complete list of options.

Who To Use for Boat Winterization 

Many business professionals reside in Raleigh and travel to these lakes for summer and holiday weekends. One of the best companies is located close to the two lakes, and Raleigh, NC is Inland Boat Company. If you’re looking for a place that handles winterizing boat near me, Inland Boat Company has you covered.

The two addresses are:

9470 Semora Road

Semora, NC 27343

Phone: 335-322-3244

8801 Creedmoor Road

Raleigh, NC 27615

Phone: 919-401-6073

You will find one conveniently located with two stores to prepare the boat for winter storage, whether you keep it in Raleigh or up near the lakes. Inland Boat Company will take care of boat winterize near me.

What Does Inland Boat Company Do To Prepare A Boat For a Harsh Winter?

While it’s highly dependent on the package you choose and the type of motor, all come with the necessities to avoid costly repairs come the next summer. Remember, not only does Inland Boat Company handle outboard winterisation near me but also inboard winterization.

  1. Change the engine oil and filter.
  2. Check both steering and transmission fluid levels. 
  3. Replace the impeller if need be.
  4. Remove the battery connections.
  5. Be sure that all operating systems are fully functional to include the battery charging components, engine oil pressure, and water temp.
  6. Add stabilizer to the fuel in the tank to help avoid the gas from breaking down and fuel flow blockage the next season.
  7. Drain all water from the bilge to avoid freezing and expansion, thus causing damage. They will test the bilge pump to be sure it is fully operational. 
  8. Apply grease to all of the grease fittings.
  9. Drain the engine block of water and prepare it so it will not freeze and crack.

Additional Option:

Most boats are equipped with a cover; however, they do not bode well against snowfall or resist the buildup of mold beneath it. Consider adding a shrink wrap covering from Inland Boat Company. 

  1. Storage areas will be securely left open to avoid help avoid mold growth.
  2. The wrap is seven millimeters thick to reduce the risk of ripping. 
  3. Built-in vents help with airflow and prevent water intrusion.

Do You Need To Find Boat Winterization Near Me

Winterization near me is easy to find. Remember, preserving a boat through freezing temperatures is critical. Don’t be the person who is ready to drop the craft in the water the next spring only to find out costly damage has been incurred because of poor maintenance. With two locations, Inland Boat Company has you covered. However, if Inland Boat Company isn’t in your area, search the internet for boat winterizing near me. The same applies in the neighboring large city of Charlotte. Search boat winterisation Charlotte for a complete list. Boat winterization is worth the expense.