With all of the water surrounding the greater Savannah, Georgia area exploring the coast by boat is a must. The salty oasis offers everything from city skyline views to remote barrier islands separating the inland waters from the Atlantic ocean. Remember, owning a boat is not required to venture out. Purchase a ticket for boat rides near me in Savannah.

Are There Dolphins In Tybee Island

The coastal regions of Georgia have an abundance of dolphins. Dolphins are spotted both in backwaters and the open ocean off of the beaches. 

Although dolphins can be seen from land, the experience is far more up close and personal on a dolphin tour. The porpoise swims within feet of the boat; therefore, the memories of the close encounter will last a lifetime. 

What Are The Best Boat Rides Near Me in Savannah, Georgia

We recommend two boat tours in the Savannah area. Each is unique because of the experiences that they offer. 

Captain Derek’s Dolphin Tours

Just miles from downtown Savannah on Tybee Island is Captain Derek’s Dolphin Tours. Captain Derek’s offers more than just catching a glimpse of a dolphin. The tours will take you past historical landmarks in the low country of Savannah.

The company promises that you will see dolphins on your excursion. However, if none are spotted or an insufficient number of dolphins, you will be invited back at no charge. 

Fortunately, food and drinks are allowed to be brought on board the boat. Captain Derek’s Dolphin tours offer both a daytime cruise and sunset cruise. Pick the time that best suits your schedule.

The dolphin adventure range between 5 dollars for young children and up to 35 dollars for adults depending on the cruise selected. 

Savannah Riverboat Cruises

Located front and center to downtown Savannah on River Street is the Savannah Riverboat Cruises. 

The company owns two vessels, the Georgia Queen and the Savannah River Queen. Morning, day, and night these vessels are the move exploring the Savannah River. Pick from a brunch cruise, sunset cruise, seasonal cruise, gospel cruise, and many more.

When you’re on the vessel, the boat will pass through the Eugene Talmadge Bridge before heading out towards sea while remaining inshore to catch a glimpse of Old Fort Jackson. Upon return, you will see the city from an entirely different perspective. 

The cost varies by age and the cruise selected. Read the details regarding each cruising opportunity and choose what best suits you and your family.

How Long Is The Savannah Riverboat Cruise

The adventures on either of the Savannah Riverboat Cruises carry out for two hours. Relax in the climate-controlled indoor areas or soak in the sun on the many levels of exterior decks 

No matter what section of the boat you chose to relax in, you will have ample space in addition to comfortable seating. So feel free to move around to take in as much of the low country and the gorgeous riverboat.

Which Cruise Should You Chose While Staying In Savannah

Deciding to book a riverboat cruise or dolphin cruise is challenging. Take into account the passengers who will be accompanying you on the excursion in addition to the weather.

Derek’s Dolphin Tours run in more exposed areas, so strong winds and cool temperatures hinder how enjoyable of experience you and your family will have. 

Savannah Riverboat Cruise has indoor and outdoor space to remain comfortable during all seasons. Remember, the summer months are hot, and the winters drop into the 30s from time to time. 

Time To Head Out On A Boat Ride Near Me In Savannah, Georgia

No matter which option you chose, the experience will be memorable. Should time be available, consider booking both trips. Having the ability to book both trips will allow for views of the city and the surrounding marshy wetlands. Experience both will show you the true beauty of the low country.