When it comes to boating and particular fishing, leaning posts play a critical role. The structure behind the console is fundamental for storage, support, seating, and more. A boat leaning post is found on fresh and saltwater vessels through North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia. The onboard structure is available, both custom or factory-built. Here is what you need to know about a boat leaning post. 

What Is A Leaning Post On A Boat

When asked what is a leaning post on a boat, a leaning post is crucial to the vessel’s operation and serves as storage and support. Each function is essential to save space and be a one-stop-shop for your significant boating gear. 

The structure secures to the floor of the vessel and extends vertically. Leaning posts are highly customizable. Therefore, leaning posts range in size and shape. 

Leaning posts serve multiple purposes, which are highly functional for anglers and cruisers. The functionality includes shelving space, live well, rod holders, footrests, rod holders, and more. 

How Tall Should A Leaning Post Be

The majority of leaning posts measure between thirty and thirty-five inches in height. When compared to the size of a chair, leaning posts are significantly higher. 

Leaning posts are more prominent for a multitude of reasons. Never expect to sit backward and land squarely on the top-mounted cushion. As a result of the height, few boaters are capable of accomplishing this task. 

Leaning posts are designed to provide back support when standing and operating the vessel. Additionally, when seated, the elevated perch allows for a more prominent viewpoint to monitor passengers and the seas ahead. 

Never be surprised by the height of a leaning post. The design is specific to the operation of the vessel. We have seen them range from low to high but no matter the height they are highly useful.

What Can You Store On A Leaning Post

When it comes to storage, a leaning post for boats is beneficial for both anglers and recreational boaters. Check out all of the benefits of a boat leaning post. 

Throwable Floatation Device

A throwable device is significant when it comes to a man overboard or capsizing situation. As a result of Coast Guard Regulations, never store a throwable device below deck but rather hang the float on the leaning post. 

Hanging a throwable on a leaning post for boat allows the operator or passengers to toss a life-saving device quickly when necessary. In addition, the Coast Guard checks for throwables so making it visible will reduce the likelihood of being inspected.

Storage Drawers

Whether you are fishing or cruising, storage is critical. It is essential to consider all of the gear required when boating or fishing. 

When fishing in freshwater or saltwater, a plethora of gear is required. Utilize the storage space for lures, scales, pliers, fillet knives, hooks, weights, chum bags, emergency equipment, and other essentials. 

While not everyone engages in fishing, cruisers find ample opportunity to store supplies in leaning posts. When stocking the drawers, make sure to include a bottle opener, wine opener, chamois, sunscreen, extra hats, spare sunglasses, and more. 

Live Well

Live wells are fitted beneath the vast majority of leaning posts. A leaning post livewell make positioning convenient because it allows anglers to move quickly from the helm to the stern of the boat when spotting fish or reaching the fishing grounds. 

Rather than needing to fumble in deck-mounted live wells for bait, the leaning post livewelll is positioned at the center of the vessel’s stern for easy access.  To make things even easier, stow a bait net in a rod holder for the ability to rapidly scoop live bait from the circulating tank.

Rod Holders

An angler is never satisfied with the number of rod holders: the more rod holders, the merrier. 

Generally speaking, boat leaning posts are equipped with rod holders welded to the back portion of the backrest above the seat. However, depending on the complexity, holders are also drilled in the fiberglass adjacent to the baitwell. When it comes to quantity, it is not uncommon for a leaning post to hold eight fishing rods and reels.  

Rod holders aid anglers in transporting rods central to the vessel to prevent them from falling in the water. Additionally, use rod holders to assist in catching fish. Utilize leaning posts when trolling directly behind the boat for easy access when a fish strikes, connect lines to outriggers, or rigging hooks, weights, and lures to avoid bending. 

Boat Leaning Post: Now You Can Answer What Is A Leaning Post

When it comes to convenience and comfort, a leaning post boat has you covered. Whether your boat is equipped with a leaning post, you custom build the structure, or order from the factory, leaning posts are highly versatile. There is no need to leave the essential back home because leaning posts help you catch more fish and aid in storage. Purchase a boat, custom build the structure or order online for comfort and convenience.