On board, fish storage is essential for anglers who catch fish and bring them home for dinner. The purpose of a fish box is to keep the fresh catch ice-cold until returning to the dock and filleting the fish. Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina have ample fishing opportunities between the lakes, rivers, reservoirs, coastal waters, and Atlantic Ocean. A vast range of fish are caught and stored in chilled lockers. However, scales accumulate clogging drain pipes. The macerator pump is a solution to removing water from fish boxes by preventing blockages. Here is what to know about a macerator pump. 

What Types Of Boats Use Macerators

A macerator is a bulky piece of pumping equipment, and therefore the electrical component is most frequently found on large vessels. The vessels include sportfish, commercial fishing boats, and large center consoles.

The macerator is positioned beneath the below deck fish locker with two specific purposes. 

What Is A Macerator On A Boat

When asked what is a macerator a boat macerator serves two purposes the first is to pump water and the second is to grind debris. Fish boxes are fitted beneath deck hatches and cooled by chiller plates similar to an onboard air conditioning system with a condenser, raw water inlet, and discharge pipe. Here are the details of how a boat macerator pumps water and grinds debris.

Pumping Water

The positioning of fish boxes prevents water from flowing freely when draining. Boxes are situated beneath the water line, which requires a pump to suck the water out via the macerator pump and through the side of the hull.

A hose is attached to the pump, where it travels to a fitting positioned on the side of the vessel. Water moves from the tank through the hose and over the side when in operation. 

Griding Debris

Whether fishing in saltwater or freshwater, scales accumulate, creating an issue for drain lines. Blockages are a common problem in fish box drains, which is why they are fitted with a fish box macerator pump. 

The fish box pump has internal components designed for grinding small objects, thus preventing hoses from becoming clogged. When the pump is engaged, water is pulled down through the motor while chopping scales in the process. 

When asked what is a macerated fish box it is essential to know that the electric pump will save you time by avoiding the need to clear clogs in overboard discharge hoses.

How Do You Use A Macerator Pump

Macerators are operated by pushing a bottom or turning a switch. The macerator pump boat has an on/off mechanism and is most frequently mounted in a position close to the fish box. 

When draining the locker, the person must locate and rotate the switch while the fish box hatch is open for visual inspection. 

With the locker open and the switch engaged to the on position, water will suck from the bottom of the well. Do not allow the motor to run dry. Instead, use a dock hose or boat hose and spray water into the locker while the pump is running. 

When spraying, rinse all sides of the fish box to push scales towards the bottom and through the motor. During the cleaning process, wash the locker with soap or a bleach-water mixture to avoid the space from developing a smell. Once the water and debris are removed, turn the switch off. 

How Long Do Macerator Pumps Last

When it comes to the lifespan of a macerator, there are multiple factors to consider. Macerators used daily are prone to wear and tear, thus reducing the number of years of operation. 

A second factor is the motor’s exposure to the elements. The pumps are positioned in areas prone to moisture and or salt depending on the body of water. Constant exposure to damp conditions lessens the life span due to corrosion.

Lastly, a macerator pump for boat contains internal seals. When the pump is left to run dry, the seals become damaged, and the motor leaks. Never run a macerator pump dry. 

On average, pumps last for a lifespan of ten to fifteen years under ideal circumstances. However, don’t be surprised if a failure occurs sooner. 

When it comes to selecting macerator pumps for boats we recommend the Jabsco Macerator pump. They are the most dependable on the market and are constructed of high-grade stainless steel. 

What Is The Advantage Of A Macerator Pump

The advantage of a macerator pump is the rapid rate at which it pulls chilled water from a fish box combined with shredding debris to prevent clogs. 

When measuring the advantages, the electric motor makes light work of what would be challenging and labor-intensive without the pump. With the push of a button, the job is done. 

Macerator Pumps Are A Solid Investment For Fish Boxes

When building or purchasing a new boat, ensure the fish box is fitted with a pump. The boat macerator pump is highly efficient and prevents clogs, thus reducing the need to remove the hose and clear the drain line.  We have used macerators on numerous fishing vessels and realize the significance compared to those which do not. Lastly, remember to never allow the pump to run dry because it runs the risk of burning up and seizing which results in the need to purchase and install a new fish box macerator pump.