While boating provides seemingly endless entertainment, it all comes with a cost. Boat ownership comes with fees that are frequently not considered even after the substantial investment of purchasing a watercraft. New boaters need to be aware of what is coming their way and be prepared to shell out money for the duration of owning the vessel. Understand why boat cost is expensive.

Fuel Cost 

Cha-Ching is the sound of money leaving your wallet compared to scoring big at a casino to line your pockets full of cash. 

Run boats regularly to avoid being laid up for extended periods. However, frequent use means more fuel burn. 

The fuel price fluctuates at the fuel pump, but long runs and watersports all contribute to an increased fuel burn. 

Unfortunately, money’s burned when adding fuel to the tank, but it all comes with owning a boat. 


Make a mental comparison of a car versus a boat. Cars require routine maintenance to remain on the road. Like cars, vessels also require regular maintenance to avoid being layed up in the shop for avoidable repairs. 

Same as a car, boats require oil changes, filter changes, and engine tune-ups. While each trip to the shop for routine maintenance comes at a cost, avoiding services will have long-term implications. 

Always bring your boat in during the recommended interval for service despite incurring the high cost of annual maintenance. It is essential to find a reliable and honest boat mechanic near me.


We all know that machines break, and that applies to boats and motors. Even though routine maintenances performed on schedule, unsuspecting issues arise. 

Remember that whether the boat is well maintained or not, repairs often become necessary due to improper operation. The owner must pay close attention to avoid running aground and causing hull or propeller repair. Unintentional groundings are just one example. However, the operator does not cause the issue in all situations.

Unexpected problems occur and must be dealt with promptly to get you back out on the water. The cost will vary based on the cost of the parts and labor. Understand the cost of repairs.


No matter if you are storing a boat on the trailer or off the trailer, storage racks up the cost of owning a vessel.

Both dry rack and wet slip marinas charge a premium because of their convenience for boat owners. Boaters have the opportunity to hop on the watercraft and enjoy the open water within a matter of minutes compared to trailering to a ramp. 

While the driveway or side yard is best to avoid storage costs altogether, gated facilities are an excellent alternative to marinas. Storage centers are a middle ground between keeping the boat at the house versus a marina. 

Tow Vehicle

Owners who utilize marinas most often avoid the expense of owning a tow vehicle. Tow vehicles are equipped with more powerful engines and therefore rated for a high towing capacity. However, tow vehicles are expensive. 

Always avoid attempting to tow a boat with an unrated vehicle. Not only is the car or SUV at risk of damage, but the operator may lose control. 

Remember, tow vehicles burn more fuel because the engines are bigger. The combination of a boat and tow vehicle increases the overall cost of owning a watercraft. 

Boating Accessories

The most often overlooked expense to boat ownership is the accessories. Boating accessories are necessary, and the cost adds up at a rapid rate.

Consider that onboard safety equipment is required, including life jackets, flares, and a throwable device. The few items just to get you on the water are expensive. 

Don’t forget about making boating fun by purchasing fishing gear, including rods, reels, lures, terminal tackle, and bait. Watersport enthusiasts must tack on a tow rope, skis, and a tube. 

The list of accessories goes on, and on it, all depends on a budget; however, in the end, it is another reason why boating is expensive. 


The most minimal annual fee is the cost of insuring the watercraft. Fortunately, boat insurance comes at a low price, but it is still an expense to consider. 

Make sure to shop insurance provides for the best possible coverage at the lowest possible price. 

These Seven Reasons Makes It Easy To Understand Why Boating Is So Expensive

Don’t let the cost of owning a boat dissuade you from purchasing a watercraft. Calculate the expenses before diving into ownership. Determine if a watercraft fits into your budget with wiggle room. Getting out on the water provides entertainment for the owner, family, and friends, and its hard to pass up on the fun.