A bean bag chair is ideal for boaters both on fresh and salt bodies of water through Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina when it comes to adding comfort. Whether you are pleasure cruising or heading offshore deep sea fishing, a bean bag chair or two is delightful. Despite the chair being expected in a household, there are marine-grade versions. Here is what you need to know about a boat bean bag chair. 

What Is The Purpose Of A Bean Bag Chair

One of the primary reasons boaters purchase bean bag chairs is to absorb the impact of heavy seas when running to offshore waters. In Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina, the fishing grounds of the gulf stream waters are a long distance from shore. In addition to anglers, crew and passengers enjoy the luxury when delivering boats across long distances. 

Bean bag chairs come in a multitude of shapes and sizes. Additionally, the design ranges from a basic ball to a standard chair with fluffy cushioning. 

The chairs can withstand the sun’s harmful UV rays, constant soaking, and pounding from the impact of people remaining balanced in big seas. 

When not in use, the bags can be stowed away from foot traffic or simply left back at the dock for short trips. 

Marine grade bean bag chairs are affordable and available for purchase online or visiting marine brick and mortar stores. 

Why Are Beanbags Good

Bean bags are good aboard vessels because they minimize the force of impact boaters feel in rough conditions on lakes, coastal waters, or the Atlantic Ocean. 

Rough sea conditions cause strain on the knees and lower back while remaining balanced in the upright standing position. Take a seat on a marine-grade bean bag chair rather than fighting the elements. 

Because of the internal components of a bean bag chair, the shape conforms to your body. The ability for the chair to comfort maximizes comfort while reducing impact. 

What Are Marine Bean Bags Made Of

When it comes to materials, marine bean bag chairs are designed to withstand all of the elements, in addition to boaters falling heavily into the seat unexpectedly in rough waves. 

The materials include a marine grade vinyl exterior with polystyrene beads packed inside. An added feature to most boat bean bag chairs is are heavy-duty handles constructed of nylon allowing you to hang the bag when not in use. 

Methods to Lightly Cleaning A Boat Bean Bag Chair

Maintenance is essential to increase the longevity of a boat bean bag chair. No sense in not taking proper care of the investment. Here are the steps to lightly cleaning a marine grade bean bag chair. 

Brush away visible dirt by hand or rag before dousing with fresh water. Utilize a soft-bristled brush and mild soap, including dish soap, and gently wash the entire exterior surface. Allow the soap to soak into the bag for five minutes. Next, rinse the soap free on all sides, including the bottom. Lastly, hang the bean bag chair. Hanging the chair allows it to dry entirely and avoids forming mold on the bottom where it touches the vessel’s deck. 

Methods To Deep Cleaning A Boat Bean Bag Chair

When a light cleaning isn’t doing the trick, it’s time for a deep clean. If stains do not pull free from the initial cleaning, rinse the bucket and refill with soapy water. 

Focus your attention on the stains. Scrub the area more rigorously with a soft bristle brush and a heavy soap to water ratio. Repeat the process until the stains lift from the bean bag chair. 

Anglers most often face the challenge of hard-to-remove stains. The markings are caused by fish blood when bringing the fresh catch aboard the vessel. 

How Much Do Boat Bean Bag Chairs Cost

Marine bean bag chairs range between $100 and 200 dollars. While the investment is considerable, the materials are designed to last for extended periods when adequately cared for. 

We recommend the JoyBean Outdoor Bean Bag Chair. When seated, the chair is designed in the form of the body and is high in quality. 

Are You Ready To Buy A Boat Bean Bag Chair

A boat bean bag chair adds an added level of comfort to you and your passengers when boating Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina. The chairs are affordable and can be delivered to the steps of your front door. A significant number of offshore charter boats keep one or two bean bag chairs onboard. Remember to take proper care of the bean bag chair to make it last for years.