The Savannah area is the perfect combination of southern charm with excellent dining. Thanks to the robust fishery in the water surrounding Savannah, dining establishments are stocked with fresh seafood and in particular white shrimp. The tasty crustacean makes excellent shrimp tacos that are served up in Savannah restaurants. Which restaurants offer the best shrimp tacos in Savannah, Georgia?

Why Should You Eat Shrimp Tacos In Savannah

Unless you have had the chance to eat freshly caught white shrimp, you don’t know that you are missing out. Frozen shrimp cannot match the crispness and flavor of a shrimp delivered from a boat and served within days. 

It is no secret that the commercial shrimp boats call the Savannah seaports home, so the unloaded crustacean is delivered fresh daily during the season. However, keep in mind that the shrimp are harvested seasonally in Georgia. Fresh shrimp are available to be served on Savannah tacos between June and December. 

What Are The Best Shrimp Taco Restaurants In Savannah, Georgia

There are numerous shrimp taco restaurants in Savannah, but we have narrowed them down to the top three. When you want to order up shrimp tacos, each of these is worth a visit the next time you’re in Savannah. 

Driftaway Cafe

In the small town of Sandfly, just twenty minutes from downtown Savannah is Driftaway Cafe. The cafe is known for excellent food, a casual coastal setting, and live music in the evening hours. 

The restaurant has ample seating indoors and outdoors, but it fills up quickly during lunch and dinner because of its location. Locals flock to the restaurant; however, tourists also know it well because of its proximity to the Wormsloe Historic Site in Isle of Hope, Ga.

When you stop in Sandfly Cafe, order up the Firecracker Tacos. The shells are topped with fried shrimp, firecracker sauce, and a black bean and corn salsa. Sandfly always puts out a top-notch meal. 

Bull Street Taco

Just minutes from the hub of downtown Savannah on Bull Street is Bull Street Taco. The indoor and outdoor taco eatery is positioned on a tree-lined street amongst shops to visit before or after eating shrimp tacos.  

The design of Bull Street Taco makes you feel as though you are at a taqueria in Mexico. The restaurant has a rustic but modern feel and is highly popular among locals because of the tacos they fling from the kitchen in the back. 

While you’re at Bull Street, order the Michelada Shrimp Taco. The flour tortilla comes topped with shrimp, cabbage, a house-made salsa, and chipotle crema. Lastly, check out the happy hour for excellent deals. 

Tequila’s Town

With three locations in Savannah, you will be sure to be near a Tequila’s Town restaurant. The stores are located in downtown Savannah, Sandfly, and just outside of downtown on Habersham Street. 

No matter which location you are visiting, the food is consistent and is prepared superbly. Tequila’s Town has an expansive menu that will please everyone’s appetite if you’re not into seafood. 

All three locations jam up in the evening hours, so you may be forced to wait for a table. Once you are seated, order the shrimp tacos topped with cabbage, pickled onions, cilantro, and radish. 

Are You Going To Venture Out In Savannah For Shrimp Tacos

It is no wonder that Savannah serves up excellent fish tacos when you consider the number of commercial shrimping vessels scattered about the area. However, remember the season is limited, so visit between June and December. Despite recommending a few of our favorites, the city has numerous other options that will satisfy. Another favorite seafood sourced from local waters is oysters, and they make their way into Savannah oyster restaurants. While you’re in Savannah, check out the best shrimp taco restaurants.