In the low country of South Carolina is the city of Charleston. Charleston is known not only for its historic charm but also for the miles of waterways that are explored by paddleboard. Watersport enthusiasts catch glimpses of secluded islands with abundant wildlife and the city skyline. It is clear why paddleboarders are lured to the area. Check out the best paddleboard rental companies in Charleston, South Carolina. 

What Are The Health Benefits Of Paddleboarding

Whether you own a paddleboard or are utilizing a paddleboard rental, the health benefits are substantial. The benefits result from requiring balance and strength in the upper body area to propel the board.

The benefits include improving core muscle strength while also toning the legs, arms, shoulders, and back. In the process of paddling, the body will burn up to 430 calories per hour. 

How Much Do Paddleboard Rental Companies Charge 

Avid paddleboarders spend money more wisely by purchasing a board rather than renting. However, the wisest option is to rent for the occasional border rather than make a significant investment and store the gear. 

Renters have plenty of options when it comes to time and cost. The majority of paddleboard rental companies will allow the renter to chose between one hour, four hours, or a full day.

On average, a full-day rental runs for $60, $40 half-day, and $20 for an hour. We recommend an hour for the first go at paddleboarding.

What Are The Best Paddleboard Rental Companies In Charleston, South Carolina

Check out these excellent paddleboard rental companies in the Charleston area.

Coastal Expeditions

Situated outside of the city in Mount Pleasant is Coastal Expeditions. Coastal Expeditions is on Shem Creek, which offers the best paddleboarding waters in all of greater Charleston. 

Shem Creek is a bustling waterway, especially on the weekends. Here you will find numerous waterfront restaurants but also marshy shorelines with impeccable homes. Additionally, sea life is abundant in the creek. You will spot dolphins as you paddle through.

Coastal Expeditions features a large parking lot that comes at no cost to park the car while you’re out on your adventure. 

Charleston SUP Safaris

One of the most popular beaches in Charleston is Folly Beach. Charleston SUP Safaris is home to the center of Folly Beach on Center Street. 

The company has been on Folly Beach for over ten years and has a reputation for providing top-quality service. Rent a board or take a guided tour to learn about the history and wildlife native to the area. 

Opposite the Atlantic ocean and across the island is the Folly River. Charleston SUP Safari will direct you on a route that steers you through the calm and shallow salt marshes. 

One Common Question Is Should I Bring My Phone Paddleboarding 

Yes, bring a phone during the paddleboard rental trip. In the event of emergencies, the phone will be a vital resource. Additionally, the phone will track exercise and come in handy to snap photos.

Remember, the phone must remain dry. Purchase a small waterproof dry bag to store the phone and secure it to the paddleboard to avoid the phone from falling in the water and sinking.

Book A Paddleboard Rental In Charleston, South Carolina

The lowest cost method to get out on the water and exercise simultaneously is by renting a paddleboard. Charleston is know as a food city so paddleboarding is an excellent way to burn off calories for inadvertently over eating. The coastal views are far mor impressive when they they are seen from offshore. On top of the views, you will witness first hand sea creatures as they swim about.