One of the most popular menu items at seafood restaurants is fried fish. Fried fish is tender and juicy in the middle with a crispy outer coating. While fried fish is commonly served at restaurants, they are simple to prepare in the comforts of your own home. One of the key ingredients that makes a good fish fry is oil. Read to learn about the best oil to fry fish. 

What Does A Fish Fry Consist Of

A fish fry contains minimal ingredients, but recipes vary significantly. When preparing a fish fry, the elements include flour, eggs, panko, or other breading forms depending on your liking. 

Before frying, coat the rinsed and dried fillets in flour when breading fish. Second, thoroughly mix eggs and dredge the fish in the mixture. Lastly, place the egg-coated fillets in a mixing bowl full of breading and evenly coat. 

During the breading process, heat the deep frier. Once the best oil to fry fish is heated, carefully drop the fillets in the hot oil. Cook the fish until they become golden brown. 

Once the fish is prepared, serve the fish with a side of coleslaw and tartar sauce for dipping. 

Can You Fry Saltwater And Freshwater Fish Fillets

When it comes to fishing in Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina, anglers have the opportunity to catch both fresh and saltwater fish. 

As a result of the fishing opportunities available in the three states, many species are caught from rivers, inland coastal waters, the gulf stream, and more. However, don’t assume you need a boat or fishing equipment to prepare a fish fry. Local grocery stores receive deliveries of fresh fish daily. Check out what the store has to offer because the selection is vast. 

When it comes to targeting or purchasing fish known for their quality in taste when fried, the opportunities are endless. Few fish fall under the avoid category when it comes to selection. When preparing a fish fry, the fish to avoid are salmon, freshwater trout, and tuna. Fish with white flakes are the most suitable for frying. 

When fishing in Georgia, South Carolina, or North Carolina, the best frying fish are the following.


The best saltwater frying fish include flounder, mahi-mahi, sea trout, whiting, snapper, and more. Don’t forget shellfish, fried oysters, and shrimp are sourced locally. 


Freshwater species vary based on the lake, river, or creek location. Unlike those near the coast, the northern lakes hold walleye, smallmouth bass, perch, and trout. 

The best fish fries are walleye, striped bass, perch, bluegill, catfish, and other freshwater fish. 

What To Know About Fryer Oil Smoke Points

When it comes to frying oils, each behaves differently based on temperatures. The smoke point is the temperature at which the oil begins to smoke. Oil which smoke causes a foul taste that makes the food unappetizing. Here is a breakdown of the commonly used oils smoke points. 

Olive Oil

Olive oil is notorious for its low smoke point when used for deep frying. When using olive oil it reaches a smoke point between 375-400 degrees. Olive oil is not well suited for deep frying fish because of the lack of flavor and low smoke point. 

Canola Oil

Canola oil offers a minimal amount of flavor but smokes at a higher temperature range than olive oil. One benefit of canola oil is the price point. Jugs of canola oil are inexpensive when compared to other oils. Lastly, the smoke point of canola oil is 400 degrees. 

Peanut Oil

Despite canola oil costing less than peanut oil, peanut oil is budget-friendly. When frying fish with peanut oil, the taste has nutty notes. The smoke point is significantly higher than canola and olive oil as it must reach 450 degrees. 

The Best Oil To Fry Fish Is Peanut Oil

When it comes to the wide selection of oils for frying, we recommend peanut oil because of the flavor, cost, and smoke point. Check out the most highly recommended peanut oils. 

Value: Best Oil To Fry Fish

When it comes to value, Snappy has you covered. A gallon jug comes at a low cost and produces delicious fish fry’s. 

Highest Quality: Best Oil To Fry Fish

LouAna is known for producing high-quality oils. Pick up the 128-ounce container, which will last you for multiple fish fry’s. 

Organic: Best Oil To Fry Fish

When It comes to organic, we recommend the Dr. Adorable Inc. Unrefined Peanut Oil. Best of all, the oil is cold-pressed. Pick up a 128-ounce jug. 

Now You Know The Best Oil To Fry Fish

When it comes to frying store-bought fish or your fresh catch we suggest using peanut oil on the stove or in a deep fryer. The taste and smoke point combination make peanut oil the best option when frying fresh or saltwater fish. Pick up your favorite fillets from the store our head out fishing. Don’t forget to pair the meal with coleslaw and tartar sauce for dipping.