Fishing gear starts to accumulate rather quickly.

If you are new to fishing or have been fishing your entire life, chances are there is a great deal of equipment that you like to keep nearby as you make your way out to the water. Keeping this gear organized and ensuring that you have everything you need can be really overwhelming.

The good news is that the fishing cart can fix all of this. The best heavy duty fishing cart on the market will ensure that you have all of your gear in one easy to reach location, and you can focus on your task at hand. Let’s look at the top seven best heavy duty fishing carts on the market in 2022.

Best Heavy Duty Fishing Carts (Top 7)

Best Collapsible Fishing Cart: VIVOHOME Heavy Duty 176 Lbs Capacity Collapsible Folding Outdoor Utility Wagon

If your fishing gear is already taking up a bit too much room in the garage, this VivoHome Heavy Duty Capacity Collapsible Folding Utility Wagon is a great option. To set the record straight, this is not designed specifically for fishing, but we found that it worked quite well for what we needed it for.

The heavy duty wagon is 38.6″ (L) x 22.8″ (W) x 24″ (H). The total load that this wagon will hold is 176 pounds. This was plenty of room for our gear until we caught all the fish. (Wishful thinking!)

With the VivoHome, the cloth is a 600D polyester that is easy to wipe down and even spray off with a hose if necessary; just be sure to let it dry before you put the wagon away. The front pockets on the cart allow room for a drink and some extra belongings overall, you will have no issues getting your gear to fit, and this cart to last for years to come.


  • Adjustable handle height
  • Collapsible model
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Has cup holder
  • 176 pound capacity


  • No rod holders
  • Not made specifically for fishing

Best Pier Fishing Cart: Sea Striker Deluxe Surf, Pier and Beach Cart – Outdoor Fishing Rolling Wheel Wagon

If you don’t have a boat, find a pier. Pier fishing in the southern states is some of the best around, and once you get your spot, you will not want to leave it. Therefore it makes sense to have a pier fishing cart; these are sometimes called a surf cart as well.

This is a large capacity wagon that can hold up to a 54-quart cooler. There is also a frame that has seven PVC rod accessory holders. If you are serious about bringing all the poles with you, the Sea Striker Deluxe tends to be a really good choice.

The wheel size here is just over 11 inches making it really ready to hold a large load of gear.


  • Durable model
  • Dimensions are 34in x 14.5in x 7 inch
  • Sea Striker is a good name in the industry


  • Make sure fishing poles fit inside the rod holders, check dimensions before buying

Best Fishing Cart for Durability: Fish N Mate SR Cart

If you know, you are going to use your heavy duty fishing cart quite a bit; then the Fish N Mate SR Cart may be the best option to consider. This model weighs 24.7 pounds but is known for its corrosion resistance and the aluminum tubing construction. Essentially, even after exposing this to the saltwater, you can expect it to last for quite some time.

Fishermen that have been in the game for quite some time enjoy all that the Fish N Mate SR Cart has to offer.


  • Quality build
  • Will not rust or corrode
  • Easy to maneuver


  • Priced a little higher than others on the market

Best Heavy Duty Fishing Cart with Cutting Board: Drifter Marine Pier Cart Combo with Cutting Board System

The Drifter Marine Pier Cart is the best heavy duty fishing cart with a cutting board. If you are going to bring all of your own gear and set up your station, you may as well have a place to fillet your catch. The Drifter comes with an entire cutting board system, yet the overall product is lightweight and corrosion-resistant.

We are impressed with the 125 pound cargo capacity of this heavy duty fishing cart. When you add a bucket with some live bait and the rest of your gear (including beverages and food), the cart can get quite heavy. Having a 125 pounds to work with is really a great benefit.

In addition, the Drifter Marine Pier Cart was made to handle saltwater. If you are tired of going through one fishing cart after another, give this option a try.


  • Can hold up to 125 pounds
  • Made for Saltwater fishing
  • Cutting bait is very easy


  • May be a bit larger than what all anglers need

Best Heavy Duty Fishing Cart For The Money: Berkley Fishing Carts (All Models & Sizes)

We all know that fishing gear can get a bit expensive. If you want to avoid spending all of your bait money or pier usage fees on a heavy duty fishing cart, the Berkley Fishing Carts come at a great value. This a compact design with two-rod holders.

In addition, you will find an integrated seat and a cutting board as part of this fishing cart. The molded wheels are durable and lightweight, and there is an extending handle. If you have never purchased a fishing cart in the past, the Berkley is a great place to start.


  • Comes with a seat
  • Has a cutting board integrated into the design
  • Removable rod holders
  • Lighweight overall transport weight


  • Not as durable as some other options on the market

Best Beach Fishing Cart: Harbor Mate Fishing and Beach Cart – Balloon or Rugged Wheels

Many anglers are looking for a fishing cart to use on piers. Others are trying to find something that can wheel down the beach. Because of the wheels that are on these two types of fishing carts, it is very important to know which one you are looking for.

If you like a long walk down the beach to an area where nobody will be trying to catch the same fish, the Harbor Mate Fishing and Beach Cart is a perfect choice. This model will support 250 pounds of weight, and it comes with 13″ balloon wheels that you can easily roll over the sand.

The Harbor Mate has room for four fishing rods, cooler, and your beach gear. If you are taking a break from fishing for the day and want to bring your kids to the beach, this cart will work to bring all the gear along.


  • Rubber coated handles make it easy to steer
  • Adjustable front foot for stabilization
  • Four rod holders
  • Large beach tire wheels


  • Not the best cart for pier fishing

Best Ice Chest Dolly: Mighty Max Cart | Ice Chest Dolly, Cooler Caddy Wheels – All-Terrain Fishing Cart 

The Mighty Max Cart Ice Chest Dolly is the best option for a heavy duty fishing cart that will support your ice chest. This is an expandable model that can expand from 31 to 38 inches in length. If you have a few different coolers and need a cart that can accommodate them all, this is it.

There are four all-terrain foam rubber wheels that will never go flat, and there are no bearings that will rust with saltwater exposure. Many anglers are worried about the overall capacity of fishing carts, especially an ice chest dolly, but this can hold up to 300lbs. If you want something that is compact, only 27 pounds, and will hold up for years to come, the Mighty Max will do the trick.


  • Has a large weight capacity
  • No flat rubber wheels
  • Expandable bottom
  • Can be used for other purposes


  • Will take up some extra room in the garage

Buyers Guide: What To Look For When Purchasing a Fishing Cart

The best heavy duty fishing carts on the market will have a wide range of features that can make them stand out from others on the market. Some fishing carts have a large weight capacity, others have a great set of tires, and still, others can hold a large ice chest or cooler. Let’s take a look at a few of the things you should be considering when purchasing the best heavy duty fishing carts.

Weight Capacity

One of the things that makes a fishing cart heavy duty is the weight capacity. You will notice that the capacity varies in the products that we have chosen. However, we think that somewhere around 100 pounds or more is really necessary for fishing.

When you consider the weight of the cooler, the live bait, the gear, the snacks, it adds up quick.


The handle on your fishing cart is more important than you might think. This handle will be how you lug all of your gear around, and something ergonomic can really help. Make sure that the handle is comfortable to use but also that it is durable and long-lasting.


Wheels can either be designed for use on the beach or more for a pier. If you are looking more for a beach fishing cart, make sure the wheels are larger and can handle the sand. In addition, choosing a rubber wheel that is anti flat is a great idea, especially when pulling a heavy cart on a wooden pier.


The collapsible designs are excellent for those that are limited in space. If you live in an apartment or fishing gear has already taken over your garage, the collapsible model can easily find a spot and not cause any issues in the home.


The price of a fishing cart varies from around $100 to well over $300. Try to consider how often you will use the cart and how much it will help you. When you are able to figure these two things out, you can decide if the fishing cart is the proper solution for you and if it is worth the investment.

Who Needs A Heavy Duty Fishing Cart?

As great as these heavy duty fishing carts look, have you asked yourself if you really need something like this. Chances are the heavy duty fishing cart will eat into your fishing budget for the year and it makes sense to ensure you will use this fishing cart enough to justify the costs.

If you fish on a pier or at the beach every week, you need a heavy duty fishing cart. If you head out once a summer, save your money. What we love about the heavy duty fishing cart is it allows you to stay organized and prepared. Setting your cart up for a day of fishing is fun, it allows you to have confidence that you are fully prepared for anything that could come your way.

Getting to focus on fishing and keeping your mind off of lost, broken, or missing gear will make your day on the water much more enjoyable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions about a heavy duty fishing cart.

Do I Really Need A Fishing Cart?

A fishing cart is necessary. If you are serious about fishing, the last thing you want to do is run back to the car for something that you forgot. With a fishing cart, you can easily walk to your fishing spot with all of your gear and leave your hands completely free. The fishing cart creates almost a fishing station for an angler, and it’s an excellent option for those that need the extra storage.

Can Fishing Carts Work On A Beach?

A fishing cart will work on a beach as long as you purchase the correct one. If you are using a traditional pier fishing cart and trying to pull it across the beach, chances are you will be getting in quite a workout. Instead, use a beach fishing cart, and there will be no issues. Beach fishing carts have special tires that will accommodate the sand.

Do All Fishing Carts Have Rod Holders?

Not all fishing carts have rod holders, but the good ones will. Fishermen are resourceful, and many will learn to add a rod holder to the fishing cart to help it be more accommodating. If your fishing cart does not have a rod holder, you can usually buy something and attach it.

Does A Cart For Fishing Need to Be Made For Fishing?

Some of the best fishing carts on the market are made by fishermen for fishermen. However, if you have a great beach cart that has the storage and durability to work for a fishing cart, that is fine too. The trouble most anglers run into is the weight capacity on a cart that is not made specifically for fishing.

Will A Garden Cart Work as A Fishing Cart?

Some people have made a garden cart work as a fishing cart; however, there seem to be issues with corrosion over time. As you can imagine, the environment and air when around water, especially saltwater, is a little harsher, and this ends up creating some problems for the garden cart used as a fishing cart.


We hope you now feel ready to purchase one of the best heavy duty fishing carts on the market. There are so many options out there to choose from, but these companies are trying to help you find a solution to all of your fishing gear needs. Overall we found the Vivo Collapsible to be a great all-around option for anglers, but you have to look at the specific needs of your fishing day. Are you on a pier, on a beach, far from your car, close to your car, walking to fish, etc? Once you find a great fishing cart, customize it to work for your needs and get yourself all set up to catch the next big one.