The Georgia coastline is lined with gorgeous beaches. The Golden Isles area, centered on the state’s coast, offers some of the best beach access. Both Jekyll Island, Georgia, and Saint Simons Island, Georgia, are the perfect destinations to come for the day or stay awhile. Both Islands have hotels, vacation rentals, and superb dining options. While you’re in the Golden Isles, what are the best beaches?

What is the best Saint Simons Island Beach

One of the most popular beaches on the island is called East Beach. This beach runs along the entire Atlantic Ocean side of the island. Most locals would refer to East Beach as other names because they commonly take on the beach access points name.

One of the best access points from a parking standpoint is at the historic Coast Guard Station by entering on 1st street.

If you’re looking for a more scenic section of the beach, venture to the most northern end via Bruce Drive. The views from this area peer out over Goulds Inlet.

What is so special about East Beach

Because of the tides, many portions of the beach are packed sand. Bring along the bikes or find a rental company that allows you to bring their bikes on the sand. Bicycles are a quick way to see all of East Beach.

What is the Best Jekyll Island Beach In The Golden Isles

One particular area of beach on Jekyll, which is highly unique, is Driftwood Beach. The beach is located on the northern end of Jekyll Island on the Atlantic Ocean.

The section of the beach was at one point in time a maritime forest. Due to rising sea levels and erosion, much of the forest is now submerged in the sea or exposed on the beach, dependent upon the tide.

National media has ranked this among the top beaches in the United States as a romantic destination because of its picturesque and unique settings that look as though it is on another planet.

When you are at the beach, take a climb on the weathered roots, trunks, and branches but be careful not to slip. The scenery is ideal for taking photos for holidays, engagements, weddings, or family gatherings.

To get to the beach, travel on North Beach View Drive. A parking area is available to leave the car and venture onto Driftwood Beach.

It is important to know that a fee is assessed for entering Jekyll Island. Be prepared to pay the daily entrance fee of eight dollars for all vehicles under twelve feet in length. To pay in advance, visit the Jekyll Island Visitor Pass website.

How should you prepare for a beach trip in the Golden Isles

Preparation for any beach trip is critical. Take into account that you may encounter many different weather conditions.


The summer months will most often be in the low 90’s. Pack plenty of sunscreen and water. The sun can quickly cause painful burns and cause dehydration.


The fall is one of the best times to visit the Golden Isles because the water temperatures are still high. Keep in mind, the weather can fluctuate but for the most part, expect beach temperatures.


The water is too cold to venture into the water during the winter months. While the temps can rise to beach like weather, the breeze in combination with cold water most often will leave you with surprisingly cold temperatures on the coast.


For more comfortable weather, consider coming in the fall. One downside is that the water has not yet warmed up to ideal swimming temperatures.

What is the best time of year to visit the Golden Isles

Except for the occasional hurricane threat, the best time to visit the Golden Isles is during the fall. Both the air and sea temperatures will be most comfortable.

Are You Ready To Book Your Trip To The Golden Isles

The location of the Golden Isles is ideal. Fly in from Jacksonville or Savannah. Lodging accommodations are suitable for all budgets, and the quaint sea islands are ideal for all ages. Both Driftwood Beach and East Beach are perfect for finding ample space to enjoy the large white-sand beaches. Take a trip to the Golden Isles and experience genuine southern hospitality.