Despite the fertile saltwater fishing grounds in the coastal areas just a couple miles away from Lake Mayer in Savannah, Georgia, many chose to target the freshwater species that lurk in the lake. Lake Mayer is the most popular freshwater fishing lake in the area because of the sporting opportunities it provides because shore casting is accessible all the way around the shoreline of the lake. 

How big is Lake Mayer?

The lake is situated very close to the Truman Parkway for easy access by car. Lake Mayer measures 35 acres in size and is nestled in the 75-acre Lake Mayer Community Park which is filled with entertainment beyond just fishing. 

What kind of fish are caught in Lake Mayer?

Chatham County manages the park and lake. However, the Department of Natural Resources regularly stocks the lake to keep the fish population up for anglers to enjoy higher frequency catch rates. 

Lake Mayer is primarily known for excellent largemouth bass fishing opportunities, with some being very large in size. Some of the other fish include catfish, bluegill, crappie, sunfish, and bream. 

Bring the kids along for none stop panfish action, or try your luck at a big rod bending bass. 

Can fish be kept to eat from Lake Mayer?

Many lakes throughout the United States offer excellent angling opportunities; however, the state’s environmental department limits fish harvesting. 

Most would assume that the limits are put in place because of low fish populations, but this is not always the case. Some lakes have tight restrictions because of water contaminants that can harm the person consuming the fish. 

According to the Department of Natural Resources, the consumption of fish from Lake Mayer is safe. Keep in mind that you must follow the size and limit regulations issued by the state. 

Are you allowed to boat on Lake Mayer?

While Lake Mayer does have a single boat ramp, the county does not permit anyone on the lake to operate with a gas-powered engine. 

Any vessel that is powered by paddle or electric motors is permitted to be used on the lake. With reduced noise pollution, the fish will not be skittish like they would on lakes with heavy gas motorboat traffic. 

Don’t worry if you are not equipped with a boat. The park also has a fishing pier if you prefer not to fish from the grassy areas around the lake. 

Does Lake Mayer charge to launch and boat?

Chatham County does not charge for utilizing the single boat ramp at Lake Mayer. Considering no gas-powered boats are allowed, most trailers are small in size, so parking is also free and ample spaces are available. 

Do you need a fishing license to fish on Lake Mayer?

A freshwater fishing license issued by the state of Georgia is required when fishing from a boat or the shores of Lake Mayer. 

To obtain a Georgia freshwater fishing license, visit Georgia Wildlife. Licenses can be purchased online, over the phone, or at outdoor and other stores that are authorized to sell fishing licenses throughout the state. 

While you’re obtaining a license, remember to learn about the limit requirements. The Georgia Sport Fishing website has a detailed chart with all of the freshwater harvesting limits. 

In addition to all of the pond fish, what else can you do while spending a day at Lake Mayer?

The park is fun for the whole family because of all of the other available activities. While some are fishing, others can participate in the following sports or activities:

Basketball on the lit courts

Jogging, walking, or biking on the one and a half-mile paved path

Baseball on the field

Hockey in the lighted rink

Tennis on any of the eight lit courts



Pavilions to remain in the shade on the hot summer days

Does Lake Mayer park have restrooms?

If you’re planning to make a day at the park or have young children, the park is equipped with bathrooms, and they are handicap accessible. 

Why chose Lake Mayer as the best fishing pond near me?

If you’re a resident of the Savannah area or visiting from out of town, Lake Mayer provides the best fishing and recreational activities in the area, all in one spot. While other lakes and ponds are within close vicinity, Lake Mayer tops them all. Enjoy excellent fishing, sporting, and relaxation at Lake Mayer Community Park.