When it comes to bait for fishing, there are pros and cons to buying it versus catching it. The ultimate goal for fishers is to catch numerous fish and fish that are desirable, whether it be for sport, dinner, or a combination of them both. Finding a bait shop is a simple task, so there is always a convenience factor to that. What is better, buying bait from a bait shop near me or catching it. 

What Are The Benefits of Catching Bait

When deciding whether to buy bait near me or catch it, you can choose relatively quickly based on how much time you have. 

Time is the most significant factor in catching bait. Locating the bait and catching the bait is a time-consuming process; however, the reward can be substantial. I have caught bait on frequent occasions but it is not always available when I need it. Live bait is not only seasonal but can be impacted by things like tide and weather.


First and foremost, catching bait rather than buying bait saves money. Purchasing from stores adds up, especially if you are fishing week after week. 

Quality Of The Bait

Store-bought bait may be frozen or has been kept alive in a tank with circulating water. Whether you’re fishing with live or dead bait, freshly caught bait will attract more strikes. 

Quantity Of Bait

When the bait is purchased from a store, the quantity is limited based on the cost. Anglers who chose to catch bait have an endless supply; therefore, you will not run out while you’re fishing. Any leftovers can be frozen and used another day.

What Are The Benefits Of Buying Bait

There are many benefits to stopping in a bait shop and buying what is needed for a day of fishing. I have visited many bait shops. Not only do I frequent bait shops near me local to my house but also when I am on vacation and planning to cast a line. Here are three important benefits of buying bait near me from a local shop.


To purchase bait from a store requires a minimal amount of time. Anglers can stop in a shop on the way to the boat ramp or shore fishing hot spot. The process takes a matter of minutes when you are already on the road instead of searching for and catching bait. 

However, when you visit the bait store, if you plan to purchase live baits, remember to bring a bucket with an aeration pump. If not, you’ll have to turn back home which will eat into your valuable fishing time.


The best selection of baits will come from a bait shop. Don’t expect to have the option to catch multiple varieties of bait if you are attempting to catch them live. Pick and choose the bait from a wide selection in a store, or buy more than one type. 

Mixing baits can be rewarding. Depending on the day fish may be hungry for one type of bait versus another.


Bait stores are an excellent way to learn about what kind of fish and where they are biting. The person sitting behind the counter sees fishermen come and go daily, and as a result, here’s how good or bad the fishing has been. Ask the store clerk for tips to help you find fish faster.

How Do You Find A Bait Shop

Finding a bait shop is relatively simple when you have a smartphone or internet connection. Your best bet is to search bait shop near me, and a list of available stores will pop up within your vicinity.

Before you venture off to the bait store, be sure to call and inquire that they have the particular bait in stock that you are seeking. During peak seasons and weekends, stores simply run out, especially when it comes to live baits. Avoid making the mistake of driving out only to find out the shop is no longer in stock. 

So What Is Better Buying Bait Or Catching Bait

The decision to buy bait versus catching bait can be challenging. The process of catching requires equipment, so money has to be invested upfront, but the long-term cost is reduced compared to purchasing it week after week. However, buying bait saves a substantial amount of time. For the avid fisherman, catching bait is better, and for the occasional angler, the best decision is to visit a bait shop near me.