The largest city in the state of Georgia is Atlanta. Atlanta is centrally located but not within short proximity of coastal waters. Residents of Atlanta are accustomed to hot summer weather, heavy traffic, and ample entertainment, including baseball, football, and basketball. While mountain lakes are nearby, the open ocean is a significant distance. When Atlanta residents are looking to escape the hustle and bustle, they often look to Tybee Island, Georgia. Here is what to know about the trip from Atlanta to Tybee Island. 

What Is The Closest Beach To Atlanta Georgia

The closest beach to the city of Atlanta in Georgia is the Tybee Island beaches. Tybee Island is positioned within thirty minutes of downtown historic Savannah, Georgia, and neighbors South Carolina across the Savannah River. 

Tybee is an ideal escape from the hectic city life of Atlanta. Here visitors have the opportunity to live on a slower pace called island time. 

How Long Is The Drive Between Atlanta And Tybee Island

The drive between Atlanta and Tybee is exactly four hours. When planning to depart, the route is straightforward and therefore requires minimal navigation. 

While on the drive, no need to worry about locating restrooms, fuel stops, and food. Both I-75 and I-16 have ample facilities to pull off for the essentials. However, driving non-stop from Atlanta to Tybee is easily accomplished when filling the tank with gas and cooler with food and drinks before hitting the road.  

What To Know When Leaving Atlanta For Tybee Island

Atlanta residents are well aware of the congestion created by rush hour traffic. City traffic is horrid and must be avoided at all costs. 

When departing to head to Tybee Island or returning to the city, always consider traffic. The Atlanta highways and streets are highly congested between seven and ten in the morning and between three and seven in the afternoon and evening. 

We have traveled extensively during the city and have unfortunately learned the hard way. Depart Atlanta before rush hour or between the morning and afternoon spike. When returning home, again ensure to arrive outside of peak hours to avoid tacking on additional travel time. 

Make sure to check out the online map before venturing from Atlanta to Tybee Island. 

Is Tybee Island Expensive

The island features ample lodging and dining options. When it comes to cost, the rates are subject to seasonality.

Tybee Island Lodging

Tybee Island is an affordable vacation for both couples and families. The island offers hotels, vacation rentals, and bed and breakfasts. Visitors are capable of finding lodging within a price range to suit all budgets. 

Keep in mind that costs are higher during peak season. The season ranges between May and early September. During these months, lodging is limited; therefore, night rates spike. Avoid holiday weekends for the lowest prime season rates. 

Tybee Island Dining

Similar to lodging, the island offers dining options from upscale to budget-friendly. Of course, food costs are reduced when renting a property equipped with a kitchen. A grocery store is centrally located to stock up and fix a homemade meal. 

Whether you are lounging on North Beach or the southern end walking the pier, many restaurants are within walking distance. Take your pick of cuisine and price point.

When Does Tybee Island Have The Best Weather

Whether you are taking the four-hour ride from Atlanta or elsewhere, the island is highly seasonal. 

Avoid visiting Tybee between November and March if you intend to sit beachside baking in the sun. Not only do the air temperatures plummet, but the sea does as well. 

The ideal time to visit Tybee Island is Between May and October because the air and water temperatures allow visitors to enjoy the beach and ocean. 

Remember, the summer months are peak in regards to travel; therefore, the lodging rates are increased instead of the offseason. 

It’s Time To Escape Atlanta For A Tybee Island Getaway

A substantial number of Atlanta residents fail to realize that Tybee’s coastal island is just a four-hour drive. You, your friends, and your family have no reason not to avoid city traffic and make the short car ride to the barrier island situated outside of Savannah. Here you will enjoy a relaxing getaway, whether it be for a night, week, or more. Make the drive from Atlanta to Tybee Island and explore what the coast has to offer.