One of the most popular center console, dual console, and bowrider boats are Scout boats. The style, ride, and versatility make them an excellent option for fresh and saltwater boaters in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia. As a result of the fine attention to detail, many consider them to be Scout yachts rather than Scout boats. When you are in the market for a new boat, are Scout boats good?

Is Scout A Good Boat

Scouts are regarded as some of the most high-quality vessels produced. The company utilizes innovative technology to increase ride quality, lower fuel costs, reduce water spray due to the flared bow, and deliver a watercraft with a top-notch appearance.

In addition to innovation, Scout produces a full lineup of sizes from small lake boats to offshore vessels which can run long-range and withstand heavy seas. Due to the variations of sizes and accessories, a Scouts suit budget ranges from low to high. 

Do They Still Make Scout Boats

The manufacturing of Scouts is alive and well. The owner, Steve Potts, has done an excellent job of developing high-quality vessels. Despite downturns in the market from time to time, Scouts are always in demand. 

To locate both new and used Scout boats for sale, visit marine dealerships across the nation which carry the brand. Another option is to go factory direct. Scout will manufacture a vessel with select accessories, but the price adds up quickly for well-equipped boats.

Where Are Scout Boats Manufactured

Scout owns and operates its manufacturing plant in Summerville, South Carolina, just outside of the coastal city of Charleston.

The company recently expanded its manufacturing facility by adding on a 24,000 square foot plant. A portion of the plant is dedicated to painting vessels. 

Due to the high demand for Scout watercraft, the company expanded its operation to keep up with purchases. 

Who Makes A Scout Boat

The company is owned by Steve Potts, who has been in boat manufacturing since he was 14.

Scout boats was founded in 1988 and have grown every year. The company values its employees and has a workforce of dedicated professionals who pay close attention to detail.

What Styles Of Boats Does The Company Produce

It is challenging not to find a Scout hull design that will suit your needs. They produce five models and each of which has size variations. 

Large Models

The largest in its fleet is the Luxury Crossover and Luxury Center Console models. The sizes range between 25 feet and 53 feet. These options are for boaters looking to run offshore for game fish or travel long distances from port to port.

Mid Sized Models

A more manageable boat for those who prefer to head to the beach or fish inshore and offshore are the dual and center console boats between 17 and 35 feet. The Dorado dual console boats are exceptional for families, and the XSF and Sportfish are ideal for anglers. Most important is that they are more friendly on the wallet both in upfront cost and fuel expenses.  

Inshore Models

Lastly, Scout produces inshore fishing vessels which will get you into the skinniest of water. While the coastal models are longer than many midsized models, they are best suited for sounds, marshes, creeks, and lakes. 

The inshore Scouts range between 23 and 25 feet and can be fitted with accessories including power poles, bow-mounted electric motors to maintain positioning and T-Tops. These boats are ideal for targeting trout, flounder, red drum, and your favorite freshwater fish, including bass, catfish, and crappie. 

Are You Going To Get Into A Scout Boat

Scouts are a great boat for families, serious fishermen, and long-range travelers. The attention to detail is sure to turn heads as you pull into the marina or boat launch. The company produces vessels in a vast range of sizes, making it easy to choose the right fit for your needs. New and used options are available.