Despite its proximity to the major city of Atlanta, Georgia, Lake Lanier offers pristine waters for boating, beaching, watersports, and fishing. Lake Lanier is enjoyed year-round because of the mild winter temperatures by locals and visitors. Despite the lake being lined with marinas, one stands out against the rest, Aqualand Marina. Here are 5 things you need to know about Aqualand Marina Lake Lanier.

Where Is Aqualand Marina Located On Lake Lanier

One of the biggest perks to the marina is the location. Aqualand is positioned centrally to the lake, both length, and width-wise.

The marina’s positioning allows you to explore all the lake offers with the shortest run times because it is on a peninsula extending from the mainland. 

What Type Of Boat Storage Options Does Aqualand Marina Offer

Aqualand Marina features various types of storage to suit all of your needs. When storing a boat at Aqualand, you will have the option to choose between dry rack spaces or wet slips. Here is a breakdown of the options.

Dry Rack Storage At Aqualand

Dry rack storage is the ultimate form of storage, mainly when enclosed in a building. Aqualand offers both indoor and outdoor dry rack storage. 

The dry racks are suited to hold vessels between 15 and 28 feet in length, with a max height of 12 feet and 9 feet or less beam. 

Indoor storage reduces sun exposure, lowers the accumulation of dirt, and keeps the boat dry. When you’re ready to use your boat, call the marina in advance, and a marina forklift driver will pull the vessel from the rack and lower it into the water. The watercraft will be ready and waiting upon your arrival. 

Wet Slip Dockage At Aqualand

The most convenient way to store a boat is in the water. Watercraft stored dockside are ready to be used at a moment’s notice. 

Aqualand offers slip space for boats measuring between 20 and 100 feet in length, up to a 20-foot beam, a draft of 10 feet, and a height of no greater than 20.2 inches. 

Incredibly, boats up to 100 feet are found on Lake Lanier. The lake is home to massive houseboats equipped with all of the conveniences of a home. 

What Amenities Are Available At Aqualand Marina

The amenities available at Aqualand Marina are unmatched. Aqualand takes pride in offering the best services with top-notch staff. Here are the amenities available to marina patrons. 

Boat Slip Amenities

When docking at boat Aqualand, the docks are fitted with boxes for storage, water, power, pump outs, and convenient parking to prevent long walks to and from the vessel. 

Boat Rental

Visitors from out of town don’t need to worry if they don’t own a boat or choose not to trailer a personally owned watercraft. Aqualand provides rentals to enjoy the sights of the lake. 

Lanier Boat Charters offers chartered rides by professional captains or tritoon rentals. Check out the fleet and determine what best suits your skill level in operating a boat. 

Remember to book a boat early as it becomes challenging to find availability during the summer months. 

Ships Store

Rather than needing to make multiple stops to pick up food and drinks before heading out on the boat, the ship’s store offers all the conveniences. 

The ship’s store sells water, boat supplies, hydrating drinks, ice, beer, wine, snacks, clothes, and more. 

Stock up on what you need, or if you left something back home, save the trip and time by stopping in the store. 

Fuel Dock

After a day on the water, fuel up at the fuel dock, which pumps standard and ethanol-free gasoline. 

Onsight Security

You won’t need to be worried about the security of your boat when you’re miles away. The marina is secure as it is monitored with cameras in addition to staff to eliminate theft and other 

Does Aqualand Marina Have A Restaurant

The Aqualand Marina is home to the Pig Tale’s Restaurant. Pig Tale’s is positioned on the shores of Lake Lanier and offers excellent views of the water.

When visiting the restaurant, come by boat as dockage space is available or by car. The restaurant was founded in 2015 and serves up nachos, burgers, wine, beer, mixed drinks, and they even feature a children’s menu.

Keep in mind that the restaurant is seasonal. Pig Tale’s closes during the offseason. The offseason is the winter months, but the restaurant reopens in the spring through the fall. 

Check Out Aqualand Marina On Lake Lanier

Whether you are fishing on the lake, sightseeing, or cruising, Lake Lanier is just 45 minutes from the city of Atlanta. The lake’s crystal clear waters and tree-lined shore are a sight to see. Whether searching for boat storage options or visiting the area, check out Aqualand Marina on Lake Lanier.