One of the most fresh-tasting pasta dishes available is the Shrimp Scampi dish. No matter where you are its seems to be a staple on the majority of menus nationwide. Restaurants are not the only establishments creating this delicious meal; they are commonly cooked in households weekly. Don’t be intimidated by its flavor. Shrimp scampi is straightforward to make. Some even deem it as easy shrimp scampi. Let’s look at the ins and outs of making a delicious shrimp scampi.

What Are The Best Shrimp Scampi Pasta?

The question always exists, what are the best scampi pasta deliver the best tasting shrimp scampi?

While all pasta is different, the answer may simply be a question of preference. Let’s exam what types of pasta are most frequently used in shrimp scampi.

  1. Penne pasta 
  2. Angle Hair
  3. Vermicelli
  4. Farfalline 

Each pasta has its unique characteristics. Some are denser than others. The ability to absorb flavor can be significantly different based on the selection.

We prefer a more thin-bodied pasta to soak up the flavor and enjoy the delicate but robust flavor that shrimp scampi exudes. 

What is a scampi sauce?

A scampi should not be considered a sauce. Pasta and sauce notable because of how the sauce blankets the cooked pasta. Shrimp scampi is more of a union of flavors without topping it. 

Since so many people chose to define a distinct difference between the pasta portion and the sauce portion of scampi, let’s build the sauce and mix it all at the end. 

Creating the sauce:

Don’t worry about putting this all together. It’s a lot more simple than you think.

What do you need:

  1. Chopped garlic
  2. Butter
  3. Olive Oil
  4. Seasonings like salt and pepper
  5. Lemons

Shocking how few ingredients you need to create the sauce, isn’t it. 

How to combine all of these shrimp scampi ingredients to put the sauce together:

Look, the recipe can be subjective based on how personal you are about your diet. You can build this meal to taste good without adding excessive amounts of unhealthy ingredients. 

  1. Grab a frying pan that is capable of holding a complete dinner for all of the people enjoying the shrimp scampi.
  2. Add olive oil and butter to the heated pan.
  3. Mix in garlic that is best suited to your taste. 
  4. Let the garlic cook down on a medium temperature.
  5. Squeeze in one or two fresh lemons depending on how many servings are in the dish.

Tip: Strain out the lemon seeds. You and your guests will not enjoy picking them out of the finished shrimp scampi.

Keep the pan of scampi sauce warm.

How to cook the pasta:

For many, the assumption exists that cooking pasta is one of the most simple cooking processes. Think again. Overcooking pasta can make the meal far more doughy than it should be. 

Look, you know that all pasta needs to be cooked at varying amounts of time, depending on the variety. The thicker the noodle, the longer the cooking time. 

Let’s determine how to prepare a pot of boiling water to cook the pasta to perfection for shrimp scampi:

  1. Boil a pot of water sufficient enough to handle the pasta needed for the meal.
  2. Add a pinch of salt.
  3. Once the water is boiling, add the pasta of choice to the boiling pot carefully.
  4. Let the pasta boil in the pot of water for the recommended time based on the specific pasta.
  5. Prepare a colander and drain the pasta when it is finished cooking.

Remember, you don’t want mush pasta, set a timer to avoid overcooking the pot full of pasta.

How to finish you Shrimp Scampi Dish

No, we didn’t forget about the shrimp! Likely you’re using raw pre-cleaned shrimp. The task, if you call it that is easy. 

  1. Drop them in the pan of heated scampi sauce.
  2. Turn the scampi shrimp regularly until they are cooked through or about two to three minutes.

Those cooked shrimp have taken in all of the flavors of the sauce!

Hurry it up and finish it up, its really a quick meal:

Everything is already heated up, which makes it great for having guests. The time in the kitchen is extremely minimal!

How to put the shrimp scampi all together

  1. Slap the calendar full of freshly cooked pasta in the pan with the shrimp and scampi sauce.
  2. Make sure the pasta and the sauce are thoroughly mixed together to ensure the best flavor throughout.
  3. Don’t fry it; heat it to the perfect temperature to enjoy.

It’s all put together now. Relax, it’s going to taste great.

The process is simple. Don’t be overwhelmed at all. The ingredients necessary are easily sourced from the local grocery store. Not much can beat stand up against the fresh taste of a well-prepared shrimp scampi. Next time you’re friends are in town, add this to the menu!