Unless you have a boat equipped with a galley and the ability to cook or a grill, packing boat lunches can be challenging. The simple fact is, you need to eat something that cannot be heated. Don’t let this discourage you; many great options are available that can be prepared ahead of time to eliminate the stress of putting it together unless, of course, you’re planning to put out a spread. For the most part, we all want something simple to enjoy the sun and fun. Here are five ideas for a boat lunch.

Easy Ideas for a Boat Lunch

Cold Cut Sandwiches

Yep, go back to your days in school, the old cold cut sandwich. Was it really that bad? NO! When prepared with all of your favorite fixings, a cold cut sandwich can be a great option for a boat lunch. All of this can be done before you even get on the water. Add your selection of meats, toppings, and sauces. Remember, don’t let them get soggy; keep them up high out of the water at the bottom of the cooler. 


Much like a cold cut sandwich but without having to do it yourself! Either the night before or the morning of gathering a list each of each person’s preference, walk up to the deli stand, order, and walk away. Much like a cold cut sandwich, store the subs in a cold place but avoid them getting soaked.

Trail Mix and Dried Fruit

Eating Trail Mix and Dried Fruit is perfect for the fisherman or if you’re occupied the entire time you’re out boating. This option doesn’t have to be chilled simply grab it out of your bag and enjoy it. If you’re casting a line, this is an easy one-hand grab right into your mouth. Lastly, they come packed with fiber, antioxidants, protein, and omega three fatty acids. 


Bars have come along way since the early inception. The modern-day packed bar selection is like a vitamin bomb packed into one little wrapper. One thing to keep in mind is that they do contain high amounts of sugar. Overall, they pack plenty of energy to keep you going all day while devouring it in a matter of minutes. For the quick last minute go-to, this is the one. 

Cheese and Crackers with Dip

Haven’t we been eating this since we were young children? Oh, yes, we have been. Dips are readily available at local grocery stores and can be paired with nearly any cracker. As for the cheese part of the meal, go ahead and cut it ahead of time, no need to slice it front and center on the boat when you’re engaging in fun in the sun. 

Why Is It Important To Eat When Out On A Boat 

We all need to nourish ourselves when we are out boating. The sun, motion, and activities can take a lot out of us. Remember, food is not the only daily intake our bodies need. Remaining hydrated is also key. The heat can easily strip us of our electrolytes by sweating profusely. Keep water or sports drinks on hand iced down, so they are available when needed. 

Packing an excellent lunch for the boat is not as complicated or daunting as it sounds. A meal can be a quick cooler grab and go for the busy fisherman, break out the table, cut chilled cheeses, or form your sandwich while anchored up with a gorgeous view. Don’t go hungry; let’s face it, these days spent on the water are few and far between with the busy work weeks we all face. Get the most out of being on the water while enjoying a great meal. The combination of the two can’t be beaten. Sit back, relax and enjoy the tastes while spending time on the water.