The whiting is also known as the southern kingfish or northern kingfish, are frequently caught by anglers. Anglers catch both varieties of kingfish through the coastal regions of Georgia, South Carolina, and Georgia. The whiting is an excellent fighter, and therefore anglers target the species. Learn more about the northern and southern kingfish varieties. 

What Is The Range Of Whiting

The range of the northern and southern kingfish overlap along the east coast of the United States. 

The southern and northern kingfish extend from Florida to Massachusets. However, as the name implies, southern kingfish populations are more robust in the south. Anglers frequently catch southern kingfish between New Jersey and Central Florida.

Unlike the southern kingfish, the northern kingfish is abundant between North Carolina and New England.  

Is Whiting A Good Fish To Eat

Whiting is a member of the cod family. Like cod, whiting makes excellent table fare. When prepared, the fillets are flaky, sweet, and firm. Additionally, the fish is packed with vitamins and nutrients. 

Due to the whiting’s sweet, mild taste, the fish is prepared in many ways. The most common cooking methods include frying, broiling, or baking. Add your favorite spices but avoid overcooking the flesh. Overcooked southern and northern kingfish becomes dry.

Is Whiting A Cheap Fish

The whiting is commercially harvested along the east coast of the United States. In addition to commercial fishing, recreational anglers target the southern and northern varieties. 

Commercial fishing operations are expensive, no matter the species, which is reflected in the fish market. The cost per pound is high when purchasing fresh fish. 

However, the whiting cost per pound is substantially lower when compared to other fish species. The southern and northern kingfish are the most affordable fish in the market. Additionally, the taste and texture are superb, making it an excellent choice for value and flavor. 

Does Whiting Have A Lot Of Bones

Bones are contained in the southern and northern kingfish. Despite the presence of bones, they are easily removed during the filleting process.

Filleting whiting is a straightforward process. Simply run the knife along the exterior of the rib cage to avoid the rib cage from remaining in the fillets. Once the fillets are free of the body, check the flesh for remanents. 

Is Whiting Better Than Tilapia

The tilapia, southern kingfish, and northern kingfish are in high demand at fish markets. Each species shares similar characteristics as far as taste and texture are concerned. The species vary based on the manner in which they are raised.

Unlike the farm-raised tilapia, whiting is wild-caught. Wild-caught species feed on natural foods when compared to the feed produced for farm-raised fish. When selecting tilapia versus southern and northern kingfish, we recommend the latter of the two. 

How Do You Catch Northern Kingfish And Southern Kingfish

Both varieties of kingfish are small. Southern and northern kingfish range from less than a pound to two pounds. As a result of the fish’s size, utilize light spinning gear when targeting the species. 

The whiting is a bottom feeder; therefore, anglers must focus their attention on the seafloor. Southern and northern kingfish are caught in coastal creeks, sounds, and beaches in South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia. 

Southern and northern kingfish feed on squid, cut fish, crabs, and shrimp. The best setup is a weight heavy enough to hold the bottom above a small circle hook. When the fish strikes the bait reel, quick to set the hook. 

Head Out Whiting Fishing Near You

The whiting is abundant throughout the coastal regions of North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia. Remember to obtain a fishing license and follow the harvesting regulations. A second option is to visit a local seafood market and pick up fresh southern or northern kingfish. The fillets are both affordable and delicious.