One of the most widely used outboard boat motor engines throughout the world is Yamaha. Yamaha manufactures engines in a multitude of horsepower ratings. The horsepower can matched to the size of the vessel. Yamaha engine dealerships are located throughout the United States, so locating one near you will not be a challenge. So how do you find a Yamaha dealer near you? 

How Long Has Yamaha Been Producing Outboard Engines

The company, which is based in Japan, began producing outboard motors in 1960. The company manufactures some of the most widely distributed outboards that are notorious for their reliability. 

In the marine industry, Yamaha has the highest number of outboard motor sales per year, and as a result, they hold the majority of the market share. 

What Is an Outboard Engine

An outboard engine differs from an inboard simply because all of the components to propel the boat are in one self-contained unit attached to the vessel’s stern. Inboard engines have a shaft that extends from the motor out the back of the watercraft where a propeller is attached. 

Why Do People Purchase Outboard Engines

New boats come equipped with outboard engines, but in time, they require replacement when they have reached a high number of operating hours. The industry standard is that outboards will run for around 1,500 hours. 

Avoid buying a new vessel, boats can be refit. A refit is removing the old outboard engine and replacing it with a new motor. Refits come at a low cost because only the engine and throttle is replaced.

Who Replaces Outboard Engines On Boats

Boat dealerships are the companies that most frequently perform the removal of old engines and installing new motors. In addition, dealerships stock new motors and also have certified marine technicians to complete the work. 

Yamaha engines are installed correctly by dealership’s as a result of the mandatory training that Yamaha requires. Therefore, when purchasing a new motor, shop at dealers who sell the brand you are seeking. 

How Do You Find A Yamaha Dealer Near Me

With the many different outboard motor manufacturers, the search needs to be narrowed down to only those dealerships that sell Yamaha engines if that is what you are seeking.

To find a boat motor dealership in your area, search Yamaha dealer near me on a phone, tablet, or computer. A list of dealers in the vicinity that sell outboard engines will pull up on the screen. 

How To Choose A Yamaha Dealer

There are many different ways to choose a Yamaha marine dealer in your area. It is more than likely that there will be more than one dealer to select from. 


Research ahead of time can pay off in the long run. For example, read the reviews of fellow patrons who have utilized the dealer’s services. But, most importantly, the research will give you an understanding of the quality of service and fees associated with new engine installation.

Word Of Mouth

Stop in at local marinas and connect with fellow boat owners. Both marinas and boaters are excellent resources to determine which dealership provides the best service locally. 

Do Outboard Motor Dealerships Need To Perform The Work

In most cases, a certified marine technician at a dealership will need to perform the removal and installation of Yamaha engines. However, some outboards are small. Yamahas with less than 15 horsepower do not require lifting equipment. 

Large outboard engines are heavy; therefore, they require lifting equipment to complete the job safely. Beyond engine weight, mounting, wiring, and hydraulic connections must be made carefully and correctly. Improper installations can be disastrous and cost a substantial amount of money.

Find A Certified Yamaha Dealer Near You

When the time has come that the boat requires a refit search the internet for Yamaha dealer near me. Yamaha’s are top-of-the-line boat motors with a long-standing history of minimal maintenance requirements. While the work will be costly, you will be able to spend more time on the water and less time in the shop.