Situated on the North Carolina side of the North Carolina and South Carolina border in the Brunswick Islands is Sunset Beach. This particular beach is so highly rated for its beauty that it holds the honors for being one of the most pretty beaches in the world. It is no wonder why people venture to this particular area on the North Carolina coast. Here is your guide to Sunset Beach, North Carolina. 

Does Sunset Beach Offer Sunrise Views

Believe it, or not sunset beach does offer more than just sunset views. When the sun remains low in the sky during the fall and spring, sunrises and sunsets are seen from the sandy beaches. 

How Far Is Sunset Beach From Myrtle Beach

From Sunset Beach, North Carolina, to the heart of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, just 31 miles lay between them. Myrtle Beach is far more populated than the neighboring beach city to the North.

Keep in mind that day trips can be made from the sleepy seaside village of Sunset Beach to the party Myrtle Beach offers. Myrtle Beach has non-stop entertainment day and night. As a result, visitors can enjoy dining, amusement parks, mini-golf, nightclubs, and shopping. 

Remember, most will find all they need in Sunset Beach because of the quaintness and beauty. 

How Many Miles Long Is Sunset Beach

The beach extends for three miles. Despite its short length, the beach is vast. As a result of its width, the beach does not often feel overcrowded, even during busy holiday seasons like the 4th of July. 

What Is Sunset Beach Known For

This coastal area of North Carolina is known for its laid-back atmosphere. As a result, you will never feel rushed to tackle the next adventure in the day. Explore the boutique shops and dining options that serve up fresh local seafood. 

Does Sunset Beach Have Hotels

The seaside village does offer hotel accommodations. However, no hotels are directly on the beach. In fact, Sunset Beach stretches from the coast and inland past the intercoastal waterway. 

When you’re coming to the island, we recommend The Sunset Inn. The inn features 14 uniquely decorated guest rooms. Some of the rooms have fantastic coastal views of the marsh and intercoastal waterway. Most important is the fact that you are just steps from the beach despite it not being beachfront. 

For more spacious accommodations, consider a vacation rental property. Search the internet of Sunset Beach VRBO or Sunset Beach Airbnb. Many of the rentals are located on the beach. Keep in mind the cost can be divided among family and friends for a more affordable stay.

What Type Of Entertainment In In Sunset Beach 

Remember, you are not required to be entertained when your staying in this area of North Carolina. The coastal views and lounge chair may suffice. 

If you are looking for things to do, don’t leave the fishing gear or golf clubs. Better yet, bring them both.

Don’t ever leave the island. Remember that tee times can be scheduled at Sea Trail Golf Club, which features three courses, or Sandpiper Bay Golf & Country Club. 

For the fishing crew, cast from the beach or intercoastal waterway. More adventurous types can book an inshore or offshore charter. Some of the catches include flounder, redfish, and sea trout inshore. Offshore boats run out for sea bass, red snapper, or blue water for wahoo, tuna, and mahi-mahi.

Plan A Trip To Sunset Beach, North Carolina

Whether you’re near to the area or traveling in from a long distance, the trip will be worth your time. Sunset Beach is world-renowned, and you have the opportunity to explore its sandy shores. Best of all you won’t feel crowded.