Anglers with a competitive side who would like to showcase their skills should consider entering a fishing tournament. Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina are home to annual fishing tournaments. The events range from friendly competition to high-stakes adventures; however, each presents the same challenges. Anglers must catch the largest fish to achieve the highest weight. Are fishing tournaments worth it? 

Can Fishing Tournaments Be In Salt Or Freshwater

Yes, anglers compete in tournaments in both saltwater and freshwater. Bass tournaments in southeastern freshwater lakes and rivers are most predominant. However, some include catfish, walleye, and trout. 

When it comes to saltwater fishing competitions, tournaments are held both inshore and offshore. Long-range bluewater trips for marlin, wahoo, tuna, dolphin, sailfish and more require vessels equipped with twin engines and heavy fishing gear. 

Inshore saltwater tournaments focus primarily on redfish, sea trout, flounder, and even blue crab. 

How Do I Find A Local Fishing Tournament

Locating a fishing tournament is easy. There are many ways to find competition in your area. The first method is by searching the internet. Simply click the search box of your browser, type fishing tournament near me. A complete list will pull up on the screen. 

A second method to finding and entering a competition is through local marinas and tackle shops. Signes will be displayed advertising the upcoming event. Take note of the date and be sure to register on time. 

Remember, not all tournaments require a boat. Shore-based fishing competitions are common. 

Can You Make Money In Fishing Tournaments

Yes, the vast majority of tournaments pay money to the top anglers. When it comes to professional fishing circuits, the payout is high, but the competition is stiff due to facing the top anglers worldwide. 

Local fishing competitions require low-cost entry fees, and the events are typically more friendly than the fierce competition compared to professional tournaments. Remember that a contest can be charity-based; therefore, all proceeds go to a good cause.

Generally speaking, local competitions will offer a monetary payout, fishing gear, and even a boat for the top angler. As a result of sponsorships, the payouts far exceed the entry fee. 

What Do Fishing Tournaments Pay

The payout is highly dependent on the tournament. Anglers who compete at a professional level can expect to earn $100,000 when winning first place. Remember, professionals, are required to win consistently to make enough money for financial stability. Needless to say, the pressure is high. 

Big game offshore payouts can exceed 6 million dollars in payouts. Remember, hundreds of boats are competing against each other. The odds of catching the prized fish are slim, but bank accounts are loaded if you do. 

The average fishing tournament will require a 100 dollar entry fee. Of course, the payouts are smaller. In local competitions, the winning payouts barely cover the cost of a day of fishing. Most competitors prefer the bragging rights of taking first place. 

What Is The Highest Paying Fishing Tournament

The highest paying fishing competitions are on the marlin series. Again, specialized equipment is required, and anglers must follow strict rules when fighting and handling the fish. 

In addition to owning a suitable vessel, the competition is stiff. The best professional fishing teams travel the circuit in hopes of catching the winning marlin. 

Are You Ready To Enter Into A Fishing Tournament

Let’s face it; most anglers will compete in local tournaments compared to professional circuits because of the dedication it requires. Although some competitions need a vessel to compete, consider hiring a charter captain to help put you on the fish. The most fun is had after the tournament during the weigh-in when anglers gather, drink, eat, and socialize over a fun day of fishing.