Measuring over 1,300 acres and positioned within close proximity to downtown Wilmington, North Carolina, is Figure Eight Island. The island is home to the rich and the famous due to its natural beauty and top-notch construction. The most notable fact about the barrier island is that it is maintained and protected in pristine condition. Here is what you need to know about Figure 8 Island. 

How Do You Get To Figure 8 Island

The island is private and is only accesible via gate access across a swing bridge or by boat. Although a bridge is constructed, a guard gate stands between the mainland and Figure Eight Island. 

Unless you are a guest or resident, the guards will not allow you to pass through onto the island despite your best sales pitch. Your best shot at seeing Figure Eight has is by photos online or circumnavigating the sea island by boat. 

Does Figure 8 Island Have Public Beach Access

Unfortunately, visitors, unless in a rental unit, cannot access the beach by driving onto the island through the guard gate. 

One way to venture onto the shore is to access the beach by watercraft. To do so, run offshore through Rich Inlet or another close inlet and anchor off the 4.5 miles of beach that Figure Eight Island boasts. 

When you are anchored, remain at or below the tide line to avoid trouble from homeowners and security. Keep in mind that accessing the island by boat does not mean that the neighborhood is yours to explore. 

Can You Rent A House On Figure 8 Island

Despite the high price points for homes on the island, a week-long getaway in a vacation rental might satisfy the desire to explore this high-end piece of land. 

Check out Figure Eight Realty. Figure Eight Realty features over 80 properties available for rent for a couples getaway or a large family gathering. Fortunately, the price points will vary based on the view and size of the home. 

The rental homes under the Figure Eight Realty boast spectacular views to include interior, sound, oceanfront, and the marsh. As a result, you will find what you are looking for in a property rental. 

When Renting a Property On The Island, What Is There To Do

Should you plan to shop, bar hop, or dine out, this island is not for you. The island is kept in a natural state. Therefore, the entertainment options include those that have to do with nature. 

Despite the island not constructing a full lineup of amenities, you will have the opportunity to add dining and shopping into the mix by leaving the island and exploring downtown Wilmington. 

Visitors and island residents prefer leisure activities as an escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. 


Bring along the bikes and peddle through the quiet streets while you gaze out at the ocean and marsh views. 


The shallow backwaters, which can not be accessed by boat, are best suited for kayakers. Paddle into the secluded creeks and catch glimpses of birds and sealife. 


Cast a line from the shores of the beach or creekside dock. Anglers catch various fish species, including red drum, flounder, sea trout, sheepshead, and more. However, remember to acquire a North Carolina saltwater fishing license


The incredible part of the island is the beaches. When it comes to determining your daily plans, kick back on a chair with an umbrella or fit in your exercise by walking the four and half miles of shorline. 

Whichever option you chose, keep an eye out for unique shells in addition to dolphin cruising just off the beach. 

Which Way Will You Explore Figure 8 Island

Let’s face it, some of us will never rent a home on the island or have the opportunity to visit the beach by boat. However, with today’s technology, aerial views are posted on the internet to get a sense of what the island offers. Those who do purchase or rent will be astonished by the tranquility and natural beauty. Either way, check out Figure Eight Island.