The offshore fishing opportunities in Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina are endless. Deep-sea trolling is popular for anglers who have a vessel large enough to withstand rough seas and long runs. In addition, fisherman utilize outriggers for the opportunity to present more baits to fish at the surface of the water. Do you need outriggers on a fishing boat?

What Are Outriggers

A vast majority of fishing boats are equipped with outriggers. An outrigger is a pole that extends or retracts out of the left and right sides of the vessel. In addition to the telescoping rod, a line and clips are attached, which can be pulled in to connect a fishing line before deploying it back out to the end of the extended outrigger.

 What Is The Purpose Of Outriggers

Outriggers on fishing boats have multiple purposes. First, the odds of catching more fish are increased when anglers are not limited to trolling with one or two lines. Second, outriggers spread the lines away from port and starboard sides. 

Anglers who are limited to only trolling directly behind the boat will be limited in the number of baits dragging in the water. In addition, the fishing line clips to the outrigger, thus expanding the spread of lures behind the vessel. 

The increased width will allow for six or more rods to be trolled and reduce the risk of lines becoming tangled. 

How Are Outriggers Made

Outriggers are constructed out of carbon fiber, fiberglass, or aluminum. During the process of manufacturing, they are engineered to be telescoping. The total length, when extended, can exceed fifteen feet; however, they reduce down to five feet or less when retracted. 

The poles have eyes attached to them. Eyes are round hollow stainless steel hardware that is meant to guide the line holding the clips. 

Release clips are a crucial component. The release clip connects the fishing line from the rod to the outrigger. Release clips are on a pulley system which raises the line to the end of the outrigger to maximize the spread. 

The clips are adjustable to increase or decrease the pressure necessary for the line to pop free. When the fish hits the bait, the clip opens, and the angler fights the fish directly from the rod and reel. 

Do Outriggers Work

Yes, they work very well to reduce the risk of tangles and increase the number of lures trolled; therefore, your likelihood of catching more fish increases. 

Vessels as small as 16 feet in length can be equipped with outriggers. As a result, small boats will have the ability to troll equally as many lines as large sportfishing vessels.

Are Outriggers Necessary

The installation of rods to expand the distance and number of fishing poles is not necessary but is beneficial. Investing in outriggers is worth the expense if you are an avid fisherman who will utilize them regularly.

How Much Does It Cost To Purchase Outriggers

The cost is highly dependent on the length of the poles. Remember, fishing vessels have an outrigger on both the port and starboard sides. The cost to purchase two poles ranges between $500 and $1,500.

Keep in mind that that are additional fees on top, the mounting hardware will come at an additional expense. The riggers are attached to T-tops on center console boats or in the gunnels of smaller vessels. Therefore, extra money will be forked out when it comes to accessories. 

So Should You Purchase Outriggers

The answer to this question is based on how passionate you are about the sport of fishing. Anglers out on the blue water week after week chasing down pelagic fish species must purchase this valuable equipment. The occasional fishermen can get away with trolling a minimal amount of lines rather than investing large sums of money for something infrequently used.